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Took Cole and Derek to Niihau. Like Kauai, Niihau has a lot of marine life. Riyadh Scuba Diving - Traveller Reviews - Seasport Sundry

Took Cole and Derek to Niihau. That was by far the best I' ve done on Kauai. On the third I had a computer problem that caused me to show up during the first 5 mins. I was back in the sea and he joined the other scuba diver in 5 mins.

I started my first Seasport Divers trip 5 years ago and it was a good one. Returning to Kauai, I went back to their base to book a few nights of scuba dive. Teachers were Samantha on the first and Josh on the second one.

I had a very pleasant speed, so I could get a lot of videos on my GoPro and the bottom time could be prolonged. It was a very large submersible and the skipper was very amusing and well-informed. For a great scuba diver adventure I suggest Seasport Spots. The Seasport Diver fitted perfectly.

You let us come along to observe the girl during her diving. The whole team and the personnel couldn't have been nicer and more supportive. I' ve done my open sea diving to finish my Seasport Divers certifications and would strongly advise the store.

The process was perfect from my first call to booking until the end of my fourth trip! She not only made me have a good feeling but also made the diving interesting and funny. So I decided to do everything as a land diver, Sam took me to a place where we saw a lot of sharks, many of them very seldom, but we also saw several tortoises.

It' been a great event! I' m looking forward to more diving with seasport......I have another diving in 2 nights. Well, I had a last-minute diving notion. And I swayed into the seasports diver. I' ve never had such a stress-free diving adventure. We had a rest during which we swam with white-spotted porpoises.....

There are many diving sites in the immediate vicinity of the water. Minimum download and boot times. Have you been to Seasport Various?

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