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Catamaran Niihau Napali Super Tour On this Napali - Niihau Super Trip you will experience adventures sheer. A 7 hours snorkelling and sight-seeing trip is one of the most spectacular ways to discover the Na Pali coast and the "Forbidden Island" Niihau. See the astonishing pendulous valley and razor-sharp views of the Napali Coast.

Stay open for the dolphin and the turtle. In Niihau, the skipper chooses the best place for snorkelling, where you will meet clear water and colourful shoals of game. The Niihau and Lehua rivers are home to several hundred different types of sea creatures, among them surgeons, tangas, parrotfish, violet starfishes and other living aquatic tropics.

The snorkelling adventures are followed by a delicious luncheon bar. Refreshments and bottle waters are provided throughout the trip, followed by snorkelling with local beers and wines. Rejoice in the story and story of Niihau and the small Hawaiian people who still do. Unwind on the hitchhiking poles, have a meal and savour the memory of this very unique place in Hawaii.

Trek time: Check-in place: Children from 6 years for snorkelling and from 5 years for sundown. Cancellation within the 48-hour deadline (before the event date) will be invoiced at 100% of the participation fee.

Cauai: Holo Holo Charters - Niihau + Napali Super Tour + Contaminental breakfasts + midday snack (from Cauai)

The first voyage aboard Holo Holo begins with a continent wide breakfasts, while we drive westward and northwards to the magnificent Napali coast with its falls, luxuriant dales and caverns. From the Napali Coast we cross the canal to the "Forbidden Island" Niihau.

In Niihau we select our snorkeling area. There is no other place in Hawaii that provides you with such singular formation, and no other business provides you with the chance to see Niihau and Lehua. Niihau's era means that it was formed and sculpted by the sea current and ripples of the longest of all Hawaii' islands.

During the whole trip different refreshments are offered, as well as after snorkelling a glass of glass of beer or a glass of local wines. As you eat, we are talking about the Niihau Islands, the local population and the Niihau area. Lehhua Crater, Niihau's North Shore, the Napali Coast, sea creatures and more! He is Kauai's quickest touring ship.

It will take you to the Napali Coast or Niihau first! It can hold 65, but we keep the numbers at 49 or less, which means more space for sightseeing, snorkeling, relaxing and enjoying everything Kauai has to offer. 2. Built with security and convenience in mind, Holo Holos scheme is broad enough to do away with every long, sideways roll movement and the trunks are slim, easy to cut through the waters, resulting in a sleek ride. ΓΏ...

Holo Holo Holo was specially developed and constructed to deal with the canal water that separates the isles. Two 450 hp turbodiesels for the engine take you quicker than any other ship to the wonderful places of interest of Napali and Niihau. The Holo Holo Holo also has a large shady cab with opening doors to allow the sea breeze to blow in.

On our Kauai tours you can at least wait for some "sea spray". So what is so peculiar about the Na Pali coastline? Na Pali's coastline is one of the many miracles of the earth. Na Pali is the jewel of Kauai with its magnificent rocks, dales, caves as well as ancient coves.

So what's so unique about Niihau? Niihau is in private ownership and guests are not permitted to end up on the isle. Niihau's water is one of the cleanest and most unspoilt in Hawaii, making it an excellent snorkelling and scuba dive area.

Do you have toilets on your boat? We have toilets on all our vessels. The Holo Holo and Leila (our catamarans) are fitted with 2 toilets. There are 2 toilets on the decks and Leila has 2 toilets in the ship's herd. When I can't swimm, can I go snorkeling?

The snorkelling areas are located above the heads so that it is not possible to "wade" or get up on the ground. For snorkelling we suggest you to take a swimsuit (bring your own towels and towels for changing after snorkelling). What is the capacity of your vessel?

The Holo Holo can accommodate up to 49 and Leila up to 37 people. Our snorkelling tours in the early hours of the day begin right after leaving the harbour and we serve our breakfasts and lunches after snorkelling. On our sundown trip, the "heavy starters" are distributed in traditional food service after we have reached our turning point on Na Pali and drive down the cliff.

Might as well choose a Holo Holo Holo cruise. Since 1998 we have been carrying out tours. The Na Pali / Niihau Snorkel Tour" and we are the only organization that carries out the Niihau Snorkel Touret. We' re also the only one on the docks whose whole fleets here in Hawaii were constructed by our proprietor.

Wh-what does holo holo holo mean? The Hawaiian word Holo Holo means "Let's Go". "Which means "we go holo holo!", which means "let's cross over! "Holo itself means "sailing." Sea can sometimes be harsh, so all itineraries and locations may vary depending on prevailing weathers.

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