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Winter in New Zealand

Find out when it is winter in New Zealand, what the weather is like, whether it snows in winter, what to do and where you can see snow in New Zealand. Cities and regions that can be visited in New Zealand in winter. Use this list to find out where to go in New Zealand in winter and where to go in winter. New Zealand winter travel guide from June to September weather, sights and activities, travel, events, hiking, accommodation and packing. The New Zealand tours have a summer and a winter trip.

Top 10 Geographical Clues to New Zealand in Winter Rock

I really thought I was fighting the opposite season when I was moving to New Zealand. A winter in July? It turns out I'm glad (as most folks can probably already predict) that it doesn't really play a role! It was a thrill to be in Wanaka with its warm summer and winter with lots of snow, the autumn season and the rose spring flowers.

I was so nervous when winter came to Wanaka! To see how the border of snows falls on all the hills around me really relativized what a wonderful country I was allowed to do! Nobody is more horrified than me, but at the end of winter I was sorry it was over!

So, I've compiled a small listing of the 10 things I like about New Zealand's winter! You like winter? Perhaps it is the introverted one in me who speaks, but the winter in New Zealand is fantastic because it is empty! Except for the skiing areas scattered all over the land, there are no tourist, hardly any campers and no routes or mobs!

It' not that New Zealand is usually overcrowded, but in summers there are definitely a large number of them. This winter on my JUCY tour I hardly met any other vehicles on the roads, I was often the only one on my camping site or amusement parks and it felt as if I had the whole land to myself!

Blank sandy areas, empty hills, empty tourist attractions, it was fantastic! I felt like New Zealand was my own play area - I just had to remember to act without being supervised by an grown-up. It is home to some big, big peaks, but in summers there is not much snows on them, at least not in the parts we can see from cities and on walks.

In winter, no! As of June, the peaks become whitish and the border of snows continues to fall, giving the already pretty peaks a small change. It' makes it all the more exciting to drive over a hill and everything is known, and it makes the hills look even larger when you're far away in a lovely canyon.

Many of New Zealand's best hiking tours are still open in winter, and if you remain high up in the mountain in winter, as I have done at the Müllerhütte, you can enjoy a completely different and unforgettable adventure than most of us get. There' s nothing better than romping around in the New Zealand Alps in crisp snowy conditions.

Luckily for me, Wanaka is home to Treble Cone, one of New Zealand's best skiing areas. Everybody was telling me that Wanaka was going crazy in winter with a lot of folks going to work in the hills of the South. I knew, however, that I could NOT call Wanaka at home and try it, so as soon as I had a few working hours to devote myself to the snows, I went up the hills.

The very last sunday of the year. For the first in my history, going down the hillsides with the face in the bright rays and the most beautiful view of Lake Wanaka below is something I will always fondly recall for the remainder of my lifetime. It' weaker! That shouldn't come as a big deal, but New Zealand is actually less expensive in winter, as it's low seasons as well as skiing areas.

I' m always asking for off-season fares, especially as a single traveller. If you don't have to do it, why buy in high seasons? Because parts of New Zealand have big hills, I think it is felt very chilly in winter. On the South Island, the seas keep cities like Wanaka warm in winter, and it seldom snowfalls on the bottom around most of the state.

You' re gonna have to go up to get the snows. On the northern island, especially northern Auckland, it actually remains very gentle and does not get too chilly. But New Zealand has not yet found the pleasure of using it, especially in Wanaka. This, in combination with single-wing doors in most homes, which are not new, does not provide a cosy, hot morning in winter.

Now I can't even begin to say how euphoric I am about dog sledding in New Zealand AND they are here in Wanaka, right in my garden. There is a large ski resort near Wanaka in Cardrona named Snows Farm with cross-country trails, cabins where you can stay the night, and yes, you guess it, Dog LEDDING!

The Underdog NZ is led by a professional pair who follow the winter between Alaska and New Zealand with their puppies in a tug.

While I was hoping to get the chance to go dog sledding one of these days, I didn't expect to be able to try it down here! It is also one of New Zealand's greatest mysteries; very few know you can do it. There' s a nice cascade 15 min northern of Kaikoura on the South Island.

During the winter season it is full of seal cubs. It' located right on the major coastal street, and in winter the Mamasiegel come and put their kittens in the large swimming pools at the foot of the falls, so they can romp around and get big and cosy before they go to the roost.

New Zealand is the only country with a whole bunch of babies at a wonderful cascade. A further advantage of low seasons travel in New Zealand is that the local population is even more friendly and open to conversation because there are so few newcomers. Perhaps because I was a chatty chick, perhaps I just like making mates wherever I go, for whatever reasons, I like to talk to folks all over New Zealand.

During the winter I was often the only one wherever I was, whether it was a café, a motel, a campsite or a resort, it was usually just me. If you' re the only one, it's really simple to see folks, and it made my coffee diaries go around meeting local residents and learning more about the places I've visited so much more easily.

It is one of my favourite pastimes to meet friends when travelling, and strangely enough it is less lonesome when you are out and about in the calm seasons than when you are travelling and there are many large groups around you. It' so much simpler to speak to people when there aren't many of them, this is one of my greatest advice as a single traveller.

I sometimes forgot on Southern Island that New Zealand is on a huge rift line and is probably the most geothermic place I have ever described as home. The majority of the volcanos that everyone knows are on the North Island, along with the warm swimming pool and stinking vulcanic seas. All we have to the South is the big mountain.

Situated on a naturally heated pool, it has quickly become New Zealand's legendary resort. Here, visitors go on vacation and usually come back every year. Usually free of overseas visitors, it is a wonderful place near the hills in the forests, away from the main highways.

It was a cool, wet morning, I showed up split on a daily passport, and man, after two months of sleep in my cool motor home, dripping in those laughs for a few hrs made everything better! Perfektes winter pleasure! We' ve got the Southern Lights in winter! Do you like winter?

Ever travelled to a place as a winter holiday resort? During the cold season would you visit New Zealand?

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