New Zealand South Island Road Map

South Island New Zealand Road Map

We' re doing the same thing and I bought the Hema New Zealand Road Atlas. Explore our New Zealand offer with the Road Map Travel Map. South Island New Zealand travel map. South Island (New Zealand) map published by Reise Know How. Including terrain mapping and index of cities.

ATLASTS of New Zealand

It is the ideal companion for adventurers looking for the New Zealand highpoints. It will help you find the best places to indulge in all the famous thrills such as bungee diving, zortion ing, parachuting, but also some of the best adventurous pursuits such as hiking, scuba-dive, ski and horseback rides.

It is an excellent, easy-to-use roadmap. There are also detailled local tour plans of the most important touristic areas of New Zealand, incl. more detailled key citymaps.

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Kiwi Road Trips make your long weekend and holiday an experience to remember. It will take you on a trip through New Zealand's most astonishing scenery and sights. A must-have asset when you' re discovering New Zealand. It is a high-quality, easy-to-use 310-page product: Premium Street Directory is simple to view and use.

Premium Street Directory also contains location plans for airfields, clinics and university. The North & South Island Map is a great tool for your roadtrip. This map contains travel times and distance, 101 must-doâs for kiwis, city and place index. They have a 1:1.100.000 ratio. Contains all streets and some chosen streams, parks/reserves, school, hospital, street name, trait name, city touristic icons and area name.

This includes detailled town and street directories with magnifications from 1:10,000 to 1:12,500. They have a 1:300.000 to 1:350.000 map size. The district map also includes forest, park and park, river, country road, some chosen highways, residential areas, country tourism icons, mountain shadows, skiing areas, vacation resorts, i-SITES and other travelling activity.

There is also a street index, a place index and other important touristic information.

South Island of New Zealand in 14 jours

New Zealand South Island has a wealth of nature experiences, adventure and seafood, making it perfect for any kind of sailing vacation. Because of its dimensions it can be exhausting to explore and experience everything the South Island of New Zealand has to offer, which is why I have chosen to split my 4-week trip into two parts.

The separation of my vacation trip reduces the number of long-distance trips I have to make over 2 instead of 4 week. So I can decelerate and appreciate the treasure of any given metropolis, municipality or area. I will emphasize the good, the evil and the ugliness in this part ( "Part 1") while travelling the South Island's southerly highways.

Then I take a brief rest before I continue my voyage (part 2) on the northerly streets of the South Island of New Zealand. Every itinerary takes about 2 week and while there is a long drive you will soon find that the road conditions on New Zealand's streets make for a pleasant one.

I am often asked what is the best season to explore New Zealand's South Island? Unfortunately, there is no definite answers to this questions and according to which attraction you would like to see or which activity you would like to undertake, this will affect the most suitable season.

I was in New Zealand's autumn season for my first 14-day roadshow ( "between March and May"), so every photo you find in this paper should give you an idea of what to look forward to when you are planning your sailing vacation in those heathers. After Auckland and Wellington, I start my New Zealand journey in Christchurch, the third biggest town in the South Island.

Unfortunately, the center of Christchurch was wiped out by an quake (March 6 on the richer scale) in 2011. While the town appears to be ravaged and ruined, it is gradually being reconstructed by committed, hardworking people from all over the globe. Situated in the center of the town is Christchurch Cathedral, an interpretive monument that was badly affected by the quake that caused the destruction of its imposing Romanesque tower.

But New Zealanders are highly imaginative and promptly started to build the Transition Cardboard Cathedral, which was an unforeseen landmark of my Christchurch years. Although the center of the town is not complete, I have found more than enough activity to keep me busy and amused during my visit. Since you will be competently led along the Avon River, it is difficult not to unwind in the tranquillity of the gardens.

A 30-minute drive back from both locations of origin is possible, but 45-minute trips are also available. Christchurch International Antarctica Centre is located next to Christchurch International Airfield, where you can face the world's first ever internal Antarctica thunderstorm. When I visited the International Antarctica Centre, my favorite encounter was with little blue penguins saved from the wilderness.

When you arrive or while you' re awaiting departure from Christchurch Airport, I suggest that you come soon after your flight, which reduces the amount of outward and return journey times. Greymouth, the biggest west coast of the South Island, is my next target.

The Maori people of Greymouth were living long before the Europeans settled here and the area is known for its wildlife. To get from Christchurch to Greymouth I have to go upcountry over the Canterbury Plains, follow the Waimakariri River and cross the Southern Alps. For this stage of my trip I decided not to travel, but to travel on one of the most dramatic trains in the whole wide globe, the TranzAlpine.

But if rail travel's not your thing, don't let anything stop you from going to Greymouth. Distance & Distance: Travelling times by train: The arrival at Greymouth railway was very picturesque and although it is the biggest city on the west coast, it didn't at first.

Greymouth was the first place I saw as I wandered the city of the working classes, which could be attributed to the early days of Europe that went into the extraction of money and mines. But don't wait to be amused in the city centre, as most of the city' s main tourist attraction and activity is on the edge of the city and in the area.

Briefly south of Greymouth (33 minutes or 39 km) is the municipality of Hokitika, renowned for its early maritime heritage and in particular the Hokitika wreck that landed on 12 November 1866 while traversing the Hokitika River Shipyard. Though my Greymouth visit was restricted to one single overnight of this journey, I am expecting to cross this seaside city again as I am exploring more of New Zealand's west coast.

At the end of dinner it was a good idea to go to Fox Glacier, where I would spend the overnight. Distance & travel time: When you can only allow yourself one thing to do in the glacier country or have enough free day, I suggest you see Franz Josef and Fox Glacier from the skies, it was just amazing.

Back on the planet, I descended Cook Flat Road to Lake Matheson, renowned for its reflective images of Aoraki/Mount Cook and Mount Tasman. For the best view of the nearby hills, I took a brief stroll along the Lake Matheson trail through luxuriant rain forest, surrounded by the sound of local birdlife.

Leave 40 min (back) to the lookout at the footbridge or 1h 40 min for the entire route that winds around the edge of Lake Matheson. Vanaka is the next target on my road map and is about 3 hrs south of Fox Glacier. 90 minute ride, State Highway 6 begins to reflect the winding Haast River before it enters Mount Aspiring National Park.

The third biggest nationalpark in New Zealand, its marvellous mix of secluded wildlife, high mountain and magnificent riverside valley provides a pleasant riding adventure. Distance & travel time: The city of Wanaka, which in the winters is mainly known for its ski resorts, is located at the south end of Lake Wanaka.

Lake Wanaka turns into a water sports area during the summers for water sports enthusiasts such as bathing, fly-fishing, canoeing, yachting and jet-boating. Walking along the shores of Lake Wanaka, it is not difficult to understand why people are so passionately interested in the area. That' s why I chose to devote the forenoon to explore the city center and in the afternoons to visit the lavender farm, beer works, warbirds and wheels on the edge of the city.

Returning to my lodging I had enough free day to go to Puzzling World, which is located directly on the Wanaka-Luggate Highway. Founded in 1973, the world of jigsaw puzzles has evolved from a labyrinth into an astonishing center that will challenge your mind. It is an hour's ride south from Wanaka before I reach Queenstown, the "adventure capital of the world".

During my trip I came across one of the goldmines of the area, the Goldfields Mining Centre, where I took a short rest. Distance & travel time: Situated on the shores of Lake Wakatipu, the centre of the city is famous for its southern Alps pubs, cafés and dining establishments.

Luckily, my lodging was central in Stanley St (Scenic Suites) and only a few minutes walk from most of the most important sightseeings, as well as the city-center. The Arrowtown is a 20 minute northeast of Queenstown, famous for its old British chalets that decorate the road. My next stop is Te Anau, a small city on the eastshore of the Te Anau Lakes, the biggest sea of the South Island.

The city of Te Anau, with a few thousand inhabitants, focuses primarily on agriculture and the tourist industry as a resource for economical wellbeing. Distance & travel time: So why am I staying in Te Anau instead of Milford Sound? A good thing, although I would have liked to remain in Milford Sound, it would make the next stage of my journey more difficult and increase the travel times by almost twofold.

Anau was more than satisfying and made complete sense then. In all honesty, my first experience of Te Anau was unimpressive and leaves much to be desired, especially to Queenstown. Te Anau will remain in my mind because of his strong connection to Fiordland National Park.

Te Anau Glowworm Caves are one of the pearls of the South Island in Fiordland National Park. The route begins with a brief trip to the west shore of Lake Te Anau from the Real Journeys Visitor Centre (Lakefront Drive). On the next morning I chartered a two hour (1 hour 50 minutes) trip on the Milford Sound just before Anau.

When I had finished the Milford Sound, I went back to Te Anau and spend the evening getting ready for the next leg of my itinerary. From Te Anau the trip was relatively eventless and in some ways unattractive, as there were no rides along the way. Had I had a different itinerary, I would have taken the coast roads through Invercargill, The Catlins and then to Dunedin.

The journey was not too hard, the streets were good and there were several small cities that provided excellent resting places. Distance & travel time: When you start exploring the town of Dunedin, you'll come across breathtaking Victorian architectural styles, especially the railway station, St. Paul's Cathedral, the Courts and the University of Otago Registry.

Astonishingly, the town takes up this new tendency and encourages a walk on the street art trail. And if you are interested in stunning vistas, majestic garden and old Vectorian architectural style, I suggest a trip to Larnach Castle, constructed in 1871. The Larnach Castle is located about 20 min by car from the center of the town on a mountain crest with a view of the Otago Peninsula.

Coming from Dunedin it's finally it' reopening.... I travel to Twizel, the biggest city in the Mackenzie District. As I was climbing the east coast, I briefly paused at Moeraki Boulders before passing through Waitaki Valley into the interior. Distance & travel time: Twizel is famous for enthralling flies in the end of February and March, when it is flanked by three striking lagoons (Lake Ohau, Lake Pukaki and Lake Benmore).

At the beginning of May, when I came to visit, Twizel had an uncanny sensation and the city was almost forsaken. Don't miss out on a walk through Sir Edmund Hillary Alpine Centre when you visit Mount Cook Village. Edmund Hillary, a young New Zealand mountain climbers, became the first to climb Mount Everest in 1953.

Edmund Hillary learnt and dominated the alpine arts in the Mount Cook area. Three quarter of an hours ride to the south of Twizel is the end of Lake Tekapo and its municipality. The" Good Shepherd's Church" is located on the shores of Lake Tekapo and is often depicted in regional photograph.

After a long road ride, if you want to get away from it all, I suggest you visit Tekapo Springs. The last stop of my vacation is Akaroa, a small city seventy-five kilometres eastwards of Christchurch on the Banks Peninsula.

The Banks Peninsula extends over an area of approximately 1,150 sq km (440 sq miles), which encompasses Akaroa and its lovely docks. The trip from Twizel to Akaroa took over 4hrs. It was a nice trip, but it wasn't until I reached the foot of the Banks Peninsula that the trip became more demanding and scenic.

Distance & travel time: Obviously, the most favourite activity in Akaroa is dolphin watching and the discovery of the biggest small New Zealand continental penguin population. There are several footpaths for the beginner to the advanced walker.

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