New Zealand South Island Holidays

South Island New Zealand Holidays

Holidays on the North Island, New Zealand, with the tailor-made specialists of NewZealandSky. North Island New Zealand South Island vacation. Discover all of New Zealand - South Island Self Drive Vacation New Zealand. Self-drive South Island Tours. In this sense, this two week road trip to South Island will help you make the most of your time in New Zealand.

New Zealand South Island Tour Packages

Explore the South Island's breathtaking mountains with our South Island Excursions and packages. Schedule your South Island New Zealand trip on-line, which includes sightseeing and activity on the South Island, as well as top class accommodations and a first class hire vehicle (0-18 month old) or picturesque bus itineraries.

That part of the land is full of memorable adventure. Let yourself be enchanted by breathtaking mountain scenery and breathtaking vistas and enjoy your day in a truly enchanting environment. Our wide variety of recreational and leisure facilities will make your holiday in New Zealand a memorable one. Explore some of the most prestigious sights such as Lake Tekapo, Queenstown, Christchurch, Franz Josef Gletscher and the award-winning Trans-Alpine Express.

You will also get involved and enjoy the island's adventure with boating excursions, helidrives, accompanied walks and many other great outings. Explore the world-famous sights around Queenstown or Christchurch on a small group excursion, or be independant and travel the countryside on one of our self-drive itineraries.

Whatever you're looking for, our South Island package tours provide incredible adventure for everyone. South Island New Zealand is a place for world-class adventure not to be missed. Just relax and enjoy. You can also visit enchanting towns such as Queenstown and Christchurch, beautiful mountain ranges, impressive ice, untouched nature reserves and rich game.

Journey through the countryside almost like a local, while taking the picturesque Kiwi routes on a trip you will never ever be forgotten. Hiking through the mountain, aquatic sports, small group tours, self-drive adventure? For you, we can put together the ideal trip packet to meet your interests, time frame and your budgets.

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New Zealand, South Island Holidays 2018/2019

The South Island of New Zealand offers the best of what the rest of the planet has to offer in an area smaller than the United Kingdom, from lofty peaks and crevasses to luxuriant vineyards and sun-kissed town. The Marlborough region has a large number of vineyards in the north of the island, making it a must to visit.

Nelson, the sunny town, is located right next to the beautiful Abel Tasman National Park - a trip worthwhile. As an alternative, the adrenaline junky paradise Queenstown lies between hills and ponds. Be it breathtaking views, magnificent scenery, sumptuous dining or adrenaline filled adventures, South Island is an unbelievable destination for a vacation of a life time.

Well-qualified New Zealand professionals with the answer to all your queries. Wherefore choose New Zealand Sky? Name your vacation tastes and get your own personalized offer and get our best deal directly to your mail.

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