New Zealand South Island Activities

South Island Activities in New Zealand

Activities on the South Island Snorkeling with New Zealand's fur seals, in the shoals of the wonderful Kaikoura.....

Paragliding tandem G-Force paragliding over Queenstown from the Skyline gondola lift. Milford Sound cruises On a Journeys Nature cruise you will get your money's worth personally and very closely....... Genuine Travel - Flights A trip to Milford is the ultimative way to see the tragedy and....

The Skippers Canyon Jet Join Skippers Canyon Jet for unparalleled value for money, unadulterated excitation, excellent.... The Thunder Jet Queestown Jet Boot spectecular ice age water supplied by the powerful Kawarau River, such as the.... Shotover Canyon is the only floating chestnut in the world to have the force of gravitation 182m high over a.... Quintown flights. Take off, keep your feet on the ground.

Canoning is a series of exciting activities that all come together in one! Respectable Fun riverboarding The ultimative nautical sport in Queestown for a real experience.... Experience 1000 meter of high spirits on 8 rooms high above a mountain.... Highlands Motor Sport Park - U Driving Experience The ultimative self-drive experience - you are.....

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New Zealand's South Island is the largest of the two but is home to only a fourth of the people. With nine natural reserves, icebergs, mountains, streams, rainforests, the South Island has it all and an abundance of activities and activities to offer you. These are our top higlights on the South Island:

This city is famous for its historical mines, its boutiques, its eateries and cinemas, its gulf, its angling and its immediate vicinity to the skiing area. Goodbye Spike & Golden Bay - The Goodbye Spike forms the north side of the Golden Bay and is the longest and perhaps most scenic sandy spout in New Zealand.

Nowhere else do ice creeks come so near to sealevel. Come and see the Westland National Park for a close-up look at these still progressing icebergs. Holidays and icy hikes are offered by locals. The Hanmer Springs - A favourite destination for weekends, Hanmer Springs had spa resorts and a variety of activities which included playing golfs, walking, horse backwalking, quads and MTB.

The Kaikoura - Where the mountain meets the ocean, you can observe whales, swim with them, and take walks, both free of charge and with them. Tekapo Lakes - In the middle of Mackenzie Land, the small Tekapoownship is situated near a gorgeous cyan coloured lagoon and provides the standard aquatic activities as well as heated pool and skating rinks.

The Marlborough Winelands - The biggest wine-growing area in the UK, Marlborough is home to the famous Sauvignon Blanc and has the warmest and most dry New Zealand weather. Mt Aspiring National Park - A haven for strollers, (experienced) rockers and fishermen. Shorter and longer strolls for free hikers or outings.

The Queen Charlotte Trail - From the historical Ship Cove to Anakiwa, the trail is 71km long and meanders through luxuriant coastline forests, historical creeks and coves. Free walks and hiking groups, accommodations, means of transportation and package transfer are available. In order to find accomodation, an excursion or transportation in one of the above areas, just click on accomodation, excursions or transportation.

These are our recommended attractions and landmarks on the North Island for your continuous journey. Check out our New Zealand activities proposals for adrenaline junkie and the take-it-easy team! Figure out why Hollywood's coming to New Zealand. Creating the desktop effect cannot restore the stunning backdrop and bodily astonishment of the North and South Islands....

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