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Feel free to contact us today for all enquiries in Ashburton, Methven and beyond, whether it is rural, residential, business, new housing, sections, lifestyle, rental. So what will the real estate market do and how can you best manage these conditions? New Zealand real estate sales and trends this month. Successful results in the most important real estate transactions in New Zealand. FGD Real Estate Agency of New Zealand.

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and the Law Society has made a powerful case for the deal. There is a large 2.2 ha plot of ground for purchase in Mt Wellington. New Zealand's one of the world' s tallest wineries is for sal. Plots and premises of one of the world' s tallest former RSA site in Auckland are for sal.

In Ellerslie a fully let four-storey administration block is for rent.

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The power of the GBP generally allows those who buy real estate in New Zealand to buy a home that is far above what they used to own in the UK; there is also no stamp duties or CYT! High-end housing in Auckland, houses in Wellington and properties in Christchurch may be more costly as they are in prime shopping areas, although very good houses can be found in these towns for just £200,000.

Purchasing a home in New Zealand is one of the simpler procedures, as there are no UK citizens limitations and the range of visa options available for potential immigrants. New Zealand's authorities are active in the search for immigrants and over 30% of those who began a new lease of New Zealand in 2006 came from the United Kingdom.

Now with over seven major New Zealand carriers in New Zealand, it' s even simpler to fly to your New Zealand premises! The Canterbury estate can suit most of your taste and preference, whether you want the sea, mountain or grazing land, with the highest part of the area being the highest in New Zealand!

Therefore, many of the plots in Christchurch and Timaru often mirror this conservation and there are some nice plots of land of character. Auckland' s real estate allows you to stay in an intimate town setting while still being only half an hours away from lovely sandy shores, walking paths and insular resorts.

Auckland is a great place to live in, surrounded by Polish civilization, excellent cuisine, wines and shops, all under the hot outdoors!

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