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Motorcycle Adventure New Zealand

Forget the British winter and spend the summer in New Zealand. We' re creating great motorcycle tours that you'll remember for a lifetime. NEAL ZEALAND MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURES - Homepage Forget the British cold season and enjoy the summers in New Zealand. We' ll send bicycles to Auckland and Christchurch for the summers and then we' ll go back to England. The consignments will be leaving the United Kingdom in October and November.

The programmes will be delivered to New Zealand in December and January. Simply take your bicycle to the deposit or we will collect it for you.

Items from

If you want to take something with you, we suggest that you take it out, then take half and let the remainder at home! The majority of our establishments have washers, dryers and iron. Inns usually allow you to use their laundries for a small fee.

If you have anĀ ideas you would like to share, we suggest that you have simple motorcycle access: The majority of our Paradise Motorcycle Tours clients choose to have their own equipment. If you really don't want to take your helmet with you, we can supply it.

Saving you the removal of your luggage and taking it to your lodging - it also prevents scratching and scratching the suitcases. The power here is 220, you need an adaptor if you want to get something electric. Ninety-nine. 9% of all accommodations have hair dryers. There are toiletry items available in all of our hotel and most guesthouses - showers, shampoos, etc.

Especially on the South Island you will see many'roadkills'. You' ll find that other cyclists are leaving their coats, hats, etc. behind with their bicycles and dodging. This would be a scarce opportunity for items to be taken, but please note that you are in charge of the motorcycle and rented equipment.

Make sure the motorcycle is safely secured when you leave it out of view. We have a state-of-the-art BMW motorcycle range to match your tastes and driving skills.

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