New Zealand Latitude Map

Latitude Map of New Zealand

Find latitude and longitude for cities in New Zealand. Latitude and longitude coordinates of Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand. It's much closer on this map. Locate the latitude and longitude of Hamilton, New Zealand to calculate the distance between cities. North Kaingaroa, New Zealand map, latitude, longitude & altitude.

Geographical co-ordinates Wellington, New Zealand

The latitude of Wellington is -41.2866402 and the latitude 174.7755737, in the northern Hemisphere. Geographical coordinates make it possible to locate any place in the worid with its latitude and latitude. Latitude is the latitude in relation to the latitude that indicates the north-south location. Latitude is the east-west location determined by a fiducial seridian (usually the Greenwich prime meridian).

Wellington latitude and latitude was computed using the geodesic date VGS84.

Australasia and New Zealand in comparison to North America on the same latitude[873x627]: MapsPorn

Have you brought New Zealand nearer to Australia? It' much nearer on this map. It' s actually almost 1350 miles (~2200 km) from Sydney to Aukland. Thought they were much further South, I used to think. Southwards are much nearer to the Eqator than to the northwards. Cap Hoorn at the tip of Southeast America lies on a similar latitude to Moscow and Copenhagen.

Cape of Good Hope at the south tip of Africa lies on a similar latitude to Atlanta, Casablanca and Tehran. Unfortunately, much nearer together! Sydney, Australia is over even with Atlanta, GA in Latitude to give you an impression of where it is on the map.

All I know is because my older brother and I live in Sydney and we're from Atlanta. Notice: The overlays are also reversed E & W. I only know that because my older brother is in Sydney and we are from Atlanta. The most we see are just trying to match the landmass, but that really relativizes how southern or northern Australia and New Zealand are.

It would be useful if there were a few important towns in the picture of New Zealand and Australia. Well, I concur, especially since the North America map has towns. It would be particularly useful because Australia is so thinly settled. Some in Oklahoma, North Carolina and Wyoming. Yes, but for example, I clearly mean the part of Australia that is over Arizona on this map is not like Arizona.

The parts over Oklahoma and Carolina are more like California. I' m guessing Australia's in the Sahara. In Canada there is not much to see, as the land masses in Australia/New Zealand do not extend so far northwards.

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