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That is, she manages her own affairs, but the Cook Islanders are New Zealand citizens who can live and work freely here. Explore Australia, New Zealand & Cook Islands Tour. The Cook Islands, a self-governing island state in free association with New Zealand, located in the South Pacific. Cook Islands in New Zealand, Wellington, New Zealand. They are self-governed in "free association" with New Zealand.

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It is New Zealand's responsibility for the Cook Islands' defense and external relations, but they are carried out in agreement with the Cook Islands. Recently, the Cook Islands have pursued an ever more autonomous external policies. Though New Zealand residents, Cook Islanders have the non-New Zealand citizenship of Cook Islands.

Attracting around 100,000 trade fairgoers in fiscal 2010/11, the tourist sector is the country's most important sector and the economic leader, ahead of off-shore bankers, pears, seafood and fruits export. These islands were created by vulcanic activities; the north group is older and comprises six corals covered them.

Cook Islands are made up of 15 islands and two islands. Polynesians first populated the Cook Islands in the sixth quarter, moving 1,154 kilometers to the north-east from Tahiti[13], an isle. 17 ][doubtful - discuss] The first registered European landings on Rarotonga were in 1814 by the Cumberland; there was unrest between the seamen and the islanders and many were murdered on both sides.

The islands no longer saw any Europeans until 1821 came from England. The Christianity quickly established itself in the civilization and many island inhabitants are still today still Christians. With the entry into force of the 1948 UK Nationality Act on 1 January 1949, the Britons were granted New Zealand nationality.

25 ] The land was New Zealand dependant until 1965, when the New Zealand government chose to grant self-governing power to its people. This year, Albert Henry was voted first prime minister by the Cook Islands Party. Cook Islands parliamentary house, formerly a hospital.

Cook Islands is a prestigious democratic country with a parliamentarian system in an associated state relation to New Zealand. The prime minister acts as prime minister and the prime minister exercises his or her powers. Legislature lies with both the Cook Islands administration and parliament. This is the Queen of New Zealand, whose Queen's representatives in the Cook Islands.

They are self-governed in "free association" with New Zealand. The New Zealand authorities retain the main responsibilities for foreign relations, consulting the Cook Islands authorities. The Cook Islanders are New Zealand residents and may use New Zealand public service, but the opposite is not the case; New Zealand residents are not Cook Islanders.

Nevertheless, the Cook Islands maintained embassy ties with 43 other states from 2014[update]. While not a member state of the United Nations, the Cook Islands, together with Niue, have recognized their "full contractual capacity" by the United Nations Secretariat[26][27] and are a full member of the UN Specialized Organizations of the WHO and UNESCO, an associated member of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) and a member of the State Assembly of the International Criminal Court.

All of the populated outlying islands have islands councilors (Outer Islands Local Government Act 1987 with changes until 2004 and Palmerston Islands Local Government Act 1993) with the exception of Nassau, which is ruled by Pukapuka (Suwarrow, where only one janitor lives on the islands, also ruled by Pukapuka, is not one of the populated islands in this context).

Pukapuka -ruled by Pukapuka - has an Islands Commission (Nassau Iceland Committee) that consults the Pukapuka Iceland Council on issues concerning its own isle. In addition, the industry is receiving support from abroad, especially from New Zealand. Cook Islands are developing their agricultural, coal and fisheries sector with differing degrees of prosperity.

Cook Islands are English, Cook Islands M?ori or Rarotongan and Pukapukan. The Cook Islands Maori are Penrhyn, Rakahanga-Manihiki, the Ngaputoru language of Atiu, Mitiaro and Mauke, the Aitutaki language and the Mangai. The Cook Islands Maori and their dialectical variations are related to both Tahiti and New Zealand M?ori

Englishl and Cook Islands M?ori are Cook Islands language versions under the Te Reo Maori Act. Pukapukan is included in the Cook Islands disclaimer M?ori The Cook Island is full of variety, Christmas carols are very much loved, but folk dances and folk tunes in Polish are still well-loved.

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