New Koror Hotel

Koror New Hotel

Recently the hotel itself has been renovated and looks very new. Awesome new hotel at the harbour! - Retrospective COVE Resort Palau, Koror, Palau

A new hotel, extremely neat and cosy. Outstanding personnel who go beyond everything, from reception and reception personnel to cleaners - always with a smile and helpful. Beautiful and neat bathroom. Position: 2 minutes on foot from Neco Marine (dive store - VERY practical if you go aggressor on board with Neco).

It was not my favourite meal, if they are missing anywhere, it is with the meal..... it was not too poor, just not superurb like the remainder of the hotel functions and personne. All in all I was very lucky, and on the basis of the other properties I saw in Palau, I was very satisfied that I was paying a little more and staying in Cove.

Koror Hotel, Palau

The New Koror Hotel is Palaus Top Budge Hotel. It is the ideal place to remain if you don't want your budgetary concerns to take you the pleasure of scheduling an exhilarating and pleasurable journey. New Koror residents and employees are proud to be able to provide you with an economical and convenient accommodation in a place perfectly located in the centre of Koror and nearer to the places you want to be.

You have 19 rooms for you and your relatives or your comrades. Indulge in the private sphere of your own room, as each is conceived for easy pleasure and comforts. Doubleroom - You will not forgotten the hosts, who also have a household allowance. Your twin rooms are large enough for a small home or a few who want to spend the nights with a group of buddies to have a great time.

There is also a baker shop next to the entrance hall, where you can eat refreshing breakfast sandwiches and other delicacies every mornings. Find flights available in near-realtime, and take advantage of our promotions! Holiday packages, holiday packages to every goal.....

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