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the New Guinea

Mystical tribal ritual, pristine white sandy beaches, lush flora and exotic animals - they must be in Papua New Guinea. Papua New Guinea experts will tailor your perfect Papua New Guinea holiday to help you experience this extraordinary country. Obtain the latest statistics on poverty and socio-economic development in Papua New Guinea and compare poverty indicators between Pacific countries. Pepuah ("frizzy", in relation to the hair of the locals) + New Guinea. Its official name is the Independent State of Papua New Guinea.

New Guinea Papua Trips

When you start the trip from your Madang lodging, you will be met in a personal vehicle from your lodging at 9 am. As soon as your personal travel agent will pick you up this mornings, set off and start your exploration today. On the way through the city of Madang, through the Balashiko Betel Nut Market towards Ohu Village.

It takes about 50 minutes to get to the Ohuutterfly Farm this mornings. As soon as we arrive in the town, you will have the chance to see many different types of moths - among them the native bluish one. At Ohu' Ohu Bird of Paradise there are many different types of flower, herbs, orchid and birdlife, and we will spend about two hrs on the Ohu Bird of Paradise Island before heading to the Balek Natural Habitat, where there is more to discover.

The next stop of the morning brings us back to Madang, where we change to a Bananeboat and drive to Malmal village to the south. A 20-minute cruise takes us to the small hamlet for further explore. It is a great place for historians as there are many remains of the Second World War, among them naval tunnel, machineguns and much more.

Prior to returning to the town, Malmal's folk and folk dances will perform a special kind of dancing that will take us back to Madang from the town and drop you off at your lodging between 4 pm and 5 pm.

Magnitude-7.5 earthquake hits Papua New Guinea

"After an early warning quake, the national government sent civil protection crews to parts of the Southern Highlands Province and Hela Province," government leader Isaac Lupari said in a declaration. "It is working with the county government to evaluate damages and effects on the provision of services in the region.

Papua New Guinea's defence force has also been mobilised to help assess and provide aid to the affected populations and restore service and infrastructure," the declaration says. The Lupari warning of possible aftershocks: "It' wise to keep away from multi-storey structures, be conscious of the possibility of landslips and be willing to open up in the case of an aftershock."

"Significant losses and damages are likely and the catastrophe is potentially widespread." "We are thinking of the Papuan New Guinea population, especially in the southern Highlands and Hela provinces affected by this morning's afterquake. The Australian High Commissioner Bruce Davis said on Twitter: "Australia is prepared to help assess the damages and meet the needs of the affected municipalities.

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