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A New Expedition

The daring new Ford Expedition conveys a can-do personality from the outside. The daring new Ford Expedition conveys a can-do personality from the outside. One of the best ways Van Horn Motors can help you find the perfect Ford Expedition Max! New Expedition, you are an archaeologist who leads expeditions in search of lost relics. This New Expedition is a reimplementation of popular archaeology:

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Ford Expedition is a full-size UV manufactured by Ford Motor Company..... Presented for the 1997 series as the follow-up to the Ford Bronco, the Expedition is the first medium-sized Ford frequency converter with a four-doorbodywork. The Ford Expedition was based on the corresponding Ford F-150 generations in manufacturing, bodywork and mechanics throughout its lifecycle.

Ford's 4th expedition has started producing for the 2018 series. Like the Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban, the Ford Expedition is available in standard and longer length (the Ford Expedition EL/Max), which has been on sale since 2007 and replaces the Ford Excursion. The Lincoln Branch has been marketing the Ford Expedition since 1997 as the Lincoln Navigator, the first full-size SUV of a luxurious car manufacturer in North America (the expedition was never resold as Mercury).

This third Ford car using the expedition's name plate, the full-size SUV follows a 1992 F-150 Eddie Bauer model car and a 1995 equipment kit on the two-door Ford Explorer Sport. Before 2009, the Ford Expedition was installed at the Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Michigan (formerly home of the Ford Bronco).

After 2009 the Ford Expedition was relocated to the Kentucky Truck Plant in Louisville, Kentucky. In the years before 2009, the expedition accommodated up to nine people ( "front seat" in the front row); today in 2009, there are front tier upright and eight-seaters.

It' similar to the Lincoln Navigator, especially in Limited (2005-today) or King Ranch (2005-2017) high-end trimmings, both of which were launched for the 2005 year. The 2011 models were called the basic version an improved version of the original Ford Xlift, an improved version of the Xlift and new for 2011 XLlift, which superseded the Eddie Bauer trimming (1997-2010), which had been discontinued from the whole Ford series.

By 2010, more than 1,545,241 expeditions (both EL/Max and Standard) had been shipped. This new SUV in full scale was introduced on 9 May 1996 and marketed as a 1997 version on 2 October 1996. 10 ][11] It substituted the ageing two-door Ford Bronco. XLT was the basic version. This expedition was equipped with triple tier seats, front seats for masters, seats for second tier masters, armchairs, leathers, illuminated footboards, side mirror heating, powerful moonshroud, two-zone air conditioning and Ford's Mach Audi system with back-woofer.

Much of this functionality was part of the Eddie Bauer release. An additional two-airbag restraining system (SRS) with 2-way passenger cover was fitted as a standard feature. SecuriLock with intelligent wrench and immobiliser, seat lights, four-wheel antilock brake system (ABS), side doors, closing the tank after an accident and three-point seat belt for all seat ranges with tensioning and latching retainers.

For the 2000-2002 models, an SRS 4-way airbag with passenger cover was available as an option. A BeltMinder system was implemented in the 2001 models to identify when the rider had not worn his seatbelts. Facelifting of the 1999 Ford F-150 was similar to that of the 1999 year.

The 2000 model's available functions include a concealed wireless aerial (integrated into the windows ), electrochromic rearview mirror with Gentex automatic control, side mirror tracking indicator (previously on the glass) and ultrasound parking aid sensor. A new Arizona BiG front skirt and backlit footboards have been added to the Arizona BiG outer cladding on Eddie Bauer series.

The XLT version was added to the equipment pack. The Eddie Bauer version can be supplied with the Eddie Bauer Premier kit, which includes either a monochrome Arizonaeige or massive monochrome finish in monochrome or massive blackened Arizona with lacquered light metal castors and improved upholstery. Previous year' s UN93 series. It was also the last year of the XLT No Boundaries and Eddie Bauer Premier.

The expedition also received a full hydro-formed box body with 70 per cent improved torsion rigidity. Three rows of seat was fitted as fitted with completely new, manually folding third rows of seat. 28 ] Available features: CD-ROM-based GPS system, DVD-based aft system, ultrasound parking assistance sensor, electric lunar rooftop, electrically controlled throttle and braking pedal (introduced in the first expedition generation), automatic dimmable Gentex electrochromic rearview-mirrors, side marker lights, luxurious side seat for second tier captain's chairs, high-quality audio system with integrated 6 CD player and tail -woofer[31] and stand-alone pneumatically operated springsystem.

As with the previous model series, the Expedition also had an additional 2-airbag restraining system (SRS) with 2-way passenger cover as fitted as standard. The SafetyCanopy could stay inflatable even after activation for enhanced protective measures and replaces the two front side inflatable bags of the first expedition generations. Further equipment characteristics were side bars, flight lights, SecuriLock with intelligent keys and immobiliser, BeltMinder, three-point seat belt for all seat ranges, shutdown of petrol pumps after an accident, tyre inflation control system (TPMS) and four-wheel, four-sensor, four-channel anti-lock brakesystem (ABS) with EBD (electronic load distribution) and EBA (emergency stop assistant).

The AdvanceTrac system with tractive effort monitoring was optionally launched. For the 2005 year, the RSC (Roll Stabilization Control) would be added to the existing system of electronically controlled transmission. By the end of the 2003 year, Ford had upgraded the footboards of the expeditions with the Eddie Bauer-trimming.

At the beginning of the year Eddie Bauer designs were fitted with bulky treads as part of the series. Towards the end of the year, Arizona-beige footboards were reintroduced to supplement the Arizona-beige bodywork that was commonplace at Eddie Bauer. On the first expedition from 2000 to 2002, body-coloured footboards were already in use.

The expedition was fitted with new railing to replace the conventional push-bars. The Eddie Bauer Premier version (although the standard Eddie Bauer was still available) was equipped with a new high-end version, a chromed railing, chromed aluminum castors, PowerFold electrically supported, storable side mirror and chromed muffler.

The 6 litre Triton U8 motor was abandoned for the 2005 edition as the 5th 4 litre Triton U8 became the norm on all expeditions and was upgraded with 24-valve technologies and adjustable control. In addition to the 2005 edition of the 2005 edition of the 4R70W four-gear gearbox, the expedition also got a significantly upgraded one.

The gearbox was controlled by a turbo engine rev counter, which formed the foundation for fully electronically controlled gearshift planning. Gearbox micro-processor processing improves response and accuracy. Shifting points were planned in the next gears according to the expected power of the expedition.

34 ] For the 2005 Expeditions the 4R75E gearbox is marked with the B symbol on the manufacturer's security certificate, which is placed in the door frame on the driver's side. The 4R75E gearbox is labeled "Q" for the 2006 Expeditions series. In 2007 the third expedition was launched under the codename U324, which was an upgraded edition of the second one.

A new long wheel base Expedition EL in (USA only) and named the Expedition Max (Canada and Mexico only) as a substitute for the abandoned Ford Excursion. High-tensile, hull-moulded, fully packed Ford T-platform (chassis) was a modificated variation of the half-ton Ford P2-platform of the Ford F-150.

The T1 has a four-wheel independently suspended chassis (for the first time in the second generation) with a newly designed chassis and a completely new five-link front axle with new lower links. Like its predecessors, the spring system could be equipped with adaptable compressed-luffs. It had a push-button drive lockout, electronically controlled gearshift planning, adaptable shifting algorithm and a mechatronics gear box management system (TCM) that stores adaptable gearshift information in the Keep Live Memory (KAM).

You can still choose the full-time 4WD Transmission on offer and it uses a two-speed BorgWarner 4417 manual transmission with smart limited slip differentials and a" high torque preload". Four-wheeled electric haulage monitoring is fitted as standard and an underfloor protection panel is available as an option. The expedition achieves a creep ration of 41. 06:1 with a short reach of 2. 64:1 and a 3.73:1 tail axlespayback.

The front end of the expedition was now equipped with Ford's characteristic three-stage radiator grill, which complements the SUV's strong relationship to the F-150 and Super Duty picks. This new SUV was presented at the Houston Auto Show and not at the North American International Auto Show, the Greater Los Angeles Auto Show or the New York International Auto Show, where most new SUVs are, as 20 per cent of all expedition vehicle purchases are made in Texas.

In August 2006 the third expedition was launched. First expedition in 2007 to be rolled off a Ford conveyor belt was sponsored by Ford to the Peter & Queens New Yorkers as part of an American Broadcasting Company Extreme Makeover film: an episode: At the end of 2014, the U324 Expedition and the long version EL/Max of the U 354 Expedition were subjected to a visual and technical refresher for the 2015 year.

In series with 6-speed gearbox, 3. 5L Eco Boost U6 petrol with Ti-VCT and 2-wheel motor via the backwheelers. Some of the available functions are Extended length model, 4-wheel motor, premium audiophile soundsystem with integrated 6-way CD player, backwoofer, SIRIUS XM satadio, HomeLink WiFi system, three-zone air conditioning for drivers, first front and back seat occupants, PowerFold electrically retractable side rearview mirror, PowerFold PowerFold PowerFold seat in the third rows, Gentex automatically dipping rearviewview mirror, adaptable air spring system, electrically variable pedal,

Several of these functions are available on Expedition XLT; many of them are available on Expedition Eddie Bauer and Expedition Limited. Improved punched leatherseats, a wooden and leather-clad steeringwheel with sound, air conditioning and speed control, stylised, blackened, graded, multi-faceted headlights and monochrome paintwork with coloured radiator grill and chromed accents are fitted as standards on the Limited.

The 6R75 Expedition 6-speed self-winding transmission has been superseded by an enhanced 6R80 6-speed self-winding transmission. The 6R80 has more rugged installations, new soft-logics, and a drag modus (replacing the drag lock) that uses new grading/gradient switching algorithms for enhanced drag or pull power. For the 2009 models, the nine-person front seat options have been adjusted so that only the eight-person seat with two front shell seat and two back seat benches is available. and the chrome-plated "Expedition" name tags have been taken off the front forelegs.

The" Expedition" chrome-plated nameplate on the tailgate is retained. Further characteristics were the now off-the-shelf FlexFuel ability, which can accommodate petrol, E85 (85% ethanol/15% petrol) or any desired mix of both, and the new EasyFuel cap-less filling system. In the 2009 models, the 4x2 versions increased the max trailer load to 9,200 lb (4,200 kg) and the 4x4 versions up to 9,000 lb (4,100 kg).

New 2009 models featured the Ford SYNC option and a completely new DVD-based voice-controlled multiple entertainment/navigation system with LCDs. Reversing vision system is now built in so that your rear-view mirrors show your videos through the navigator monitor instead of the rear-view mirrors, but the rear-view mirrors are still used to view pictures on expeditions that are not fitted with the navigator.

With up to 10 GB of memory for more than 2400 tracks, a juicebox feature, on-screen screen and iPod/Zune download/recharge, CD ribbing and built-in mobile phone and Bluetooth connectivity, the new Sirius Travel Link, which gives riders easy acces to transport, meteorological, sports as well as location-based film lists, and a Route Guidance map view of roads and roads.

It also has a tilting function and wireless remote controllers, which include Ford SYNC keys, so the operator can push the key and use speech to enable the system that has become the default on Eddie Bauer, Limited and King Ranch. Wireless pitch adjustment was an option on the Wayne factory during orders, but became the default after the relocation of manufacturing to Louisville.

If desired, an Hi-def receiver can be fitted as an option at a Ford dealer in the USA. In 2009, new features in the Limited and King Ranch Limited and King Ranch only included the second seating range or the option of upholstery. In 2010, for the newer versions, option packs have been re-named (in Rapid Specificated Order Codes) and updated (100s for XLT, 200s for Eddie Bauer, 300s for Limited, 400s for King Ranch).

They have also heralded that the 2010 series will now come with Ford's MyKey and Trailers as default on all Trim trim. There was no way out of the design phase of a 2010 fuel cell variant. 46 ]Rain Shield Wiper has been added as an option for Eddie Bauer, but is included as part of the Limited and King Ranch series.

There are only three mouldings, XLT, Limited and King Ranch. With the appropriate equipment, the expedition with a decelerated trailing load of 9,200 litres (4,173 kg or 4.6 tonnes) still offers maximum traction. The expedition was still a Body-on-Frame (BOF), so that the SUV was able to maintain its heavier lorry substructures for carrying and transport requirements.

DOHC Ti-VCT EcoBoost V-6 5 litre 24-valve aluminum cylinder head with dual turbocharger, 2 x turbocharger, 2 x DC and 2 x auto-adj. Camshafts. The EcoBoost V-6 is quoted around 365 hp and 420 lb-ft of torque and is the only designated V-8 machine, falling the 5th 4-liter V-8 available in the 2007-2014 Ford models because of Ford wanting to make the expedition more powerful.

In spite of the conversion from V-8 to V-6, the expedition has increased its MPS to 16 (city)/23 (highway) for the 2WD and 15 (city)/21 (highway) for the 2WD, but it is now on an equal footing with the GM large-capacity SUPVs, which also have the same MPSs as the expedition. 57 ] In additon to the new motor, Expedition got an upgraded 6-speed 6R80 SelectShift smart transmission with gearshifting.

The Expedition also has a new electrical powersteering and Pull-Drift-Compensation (PDC), which recognizes and balances crosswind. ControlTrac, the optional full-time automated four-wheel drive system, will continue to be available, but will win a team of new offroad electronics with Hill Ascent Assist (HAA), Hill Descent Control (HDC) and Ford Truck Apps (FTA).

The FTA provides real-time off-road orientation/geometry, 4x4 system state, and the state of the tractor engine management system. Four-wheeled electronically controlled braking differentials (differential locks) have been re-calibrated to take into consideration the higher power outputs of the new EcoBoost V-6 and the previous power outputs. Most of the functions that will be available in 2015 have been adopted for the 2016 series.

The expedition began, however, to add Ford's improved SYNC3 as an option for the XLT and as a default for Limited, King Ranch and Platinum. Limited has added Sony's Premium Audio System as default. The 2018 Expedition model features a powerful anti-lock braking system (ABS) with Braking Assistant and EBD, six basic air bags, such as a single canopy system, side air bags with roller-folding capability and a rollerover detector, backdoor childproof latches, a Lower Anchors and Tether Anchors for Kids (LATCH) system, an Individual Tire Monitoring System (TPMS) and an SOS Post-Crash Alert System

This expedition has a package of advanced assistance equipment to equip the car with intelligent assistance technologies, which include pre-collision assistant with foot and forward impact warnings, Lane-keep Assistance, adaptive speed regulation, automatic high beams and wet mops. A range of basic protection functions include a passive SecuriLock anti-theft system, a perimetre alert, a customised protection system, SecuriCode Keyless Entry Keypad, MyKey and available tilt and burglary detectors.

Expedition SSV 2018 is a pure naval expedition of the Expedition XXLT and provides a similar basic outfit. Expedition 2018 begins with the X-Lightweight Trimming, available in 4X2 or 4X4 configuration and MAX-styled. Includes fabric covers, key-free pushbutton launch entry, 18-inch alloys, a 60/40 CenterSlide seating, Hill Hand Assist and Hill Descent Control (4X4 only), MyFord with 4th generation Synch tuner.

One major discrepancy from 2017 is that a high-quality audio system is no longer available as an extra for EXLT speakers and that the push-button starter and an electrically foldable third rows seating are now included as part of the basic features (this function was an extra on the EXLT 2017). 2018 Expedition Limited is constructed with either a 4X2 or 4X4 builds, each with a larger MAX builds.

Main characteristics of the Ltd. includes in-car Wi-Fi with available SYNC Connect, a hands-free, foot-operated lifting door and 20 " aluminium wheel with matt finish matt finish bags as fitted as standard. That finite also has a 23. 3-gallon petrol tank. No. of gasoline. With the same performance and driving characteristics as the XLT, even though it is equipped with off-the-shelf all-season tyres.

Included in the basic performance and manoeuvrability characteristics are a two-wheel rear-wheel gearing, multi-link individual front axle mount, electronic racksteering (EPAS), an Advance Trac with stabilisation controls that provides strength and tractive effort by minimising the risk of the driving gear slipping, controlled wobble, controlled trailing force and unlimited Slip3.

On the 4x2 model: 15 Back suspension. One 4X4 and one 4X2 MAX builds have a default 3. For 4x4 bikes a terrain management system as well as a downhill and uphill starting aid is available. Options for the Limit range includes an unlimited 3 degree of slippage on all wheels.

In contrast to the XLT Limited the Limited has a two zone electronic temperature control (DEATC) and additional air conditioning control at the back. A Harman 12-speaker B&O Plays Audio System, an Enhanced Voice Recognition Communications and Entertainement System, Synch Connect and FordPass, SiriusXM Radio and HD Radio belong to the basic audio-functions.

It has six intelligent multi-media USB connectors, two in each line, and a cordless charge cradle. It also has 15 cup holders, analogue tachometers and speedometers with small displays and an 8-inch centre-screen. Further serial equipment characteristics are a freight managment system and protection, electrically variable brakes and accelerators, an automatically dimmable rear-view mirrors, four 12-volt sockets and a 110-volt / 150-watt alternating current socket, a rotating switch, woodengrain applications and a warmed, leather-covered telescopic Kraft Tilt/ telescopic steeringwheel with sound control.

Pushbutton launchers with smart accessibility, a long-distance starting system and a BLIS (blind spot information system) with cross-traffic warning and train monitor are also onboard. Options included an improved freight management system, an improved proactive parking assistance system, a lane-keeping system, a pre-collision assistant with passenger recognition, a Pro-Tarrier Backup Assistant and an adaptable Cruisebar.

Powerful footboards are included as part of Expedition Limited and Limited MAX. Further serial equipment characteristics include front and back windscreen mops, windscreen de-icers, windscreen defrosters and washers, halogens overhead lights, four-beam reflectors, halogens projectors, bulbs, a foot-operated tailgate and hand operated elevator glass, a Center High-Mounted Stop Lamp (CHMSL), adjustable side tracks for day driving lights, side tracks for sunroof racks, a chromium grill with magnetically lacquered highlights.

An uncapless tank is also included as part of the package. 2018 Expedition Limited has electrically powered storage heatable mirror, storage function, built-in dead-angle mirror, solar-tinted windscreen and front window, and a second and third range of glazing, underbody panels and trim. 2018 Expedition Limited has the basic on-board containment of all Expedition Trims with an extra 360-degree splitter-tvcamera.

Included in the basic equipment are a four-wheel antilock braking system, a reversing cam with back-up assistant, two-stage front air bags, three-point seatbelt, side collision air bags, a third-row security system, backdoor childproof latches, LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tether Anchors for Children), Custom Tire Press Monitoring System (TPMS) and an SOS Post-Crash Alert System.

Aluminium pressure casting of Expedition 2018 3. It produces 375 hp and 470 lbft of XLT and Ltd. trimming at 5,000 rev/min and 400 hp 480 lbft of platinum-trimmin. trimming at 5,000 rev/min. Gear transmission is 3.15 for a 4x2 default; 3.31 for a 4x4 and 4x2 MAX default; and 3.

In the course of the conversion to the T1 vehicle for the 2007 models, Ford designed an elongated expedition that is larger than the Chevrolet Suburban/GMC Yukon. Launched as Ford Expedition EL (EL=extended length alongside the Lincoln Navigator L, the variation replaces the Super Duty-based Ford Excursion efficiently.

To prevent mix-ups with the Acura EL saloon in Canada, Ford re-named the longer model Expedition Max. Initially designed to bear the name Ford Everest, the Ford engineers switched their mind because the type plate was already used on a medium-sized Ford SUV in Asia. 85 ] Outside North America, which includes the US regions of Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam, the Expedition EL is also importing and selling to the Middle East and Taiwan.

The Expedition EL is the only expedition in the Philippines that is either bought or exported; it happens to be a Ford Everest SUV also. Ford launched the extended-length Expedition EL/Max for the 2007 year. The EL/Max is comparable to the Suburban/Yukon XL and offers extra loading capacity compared to the regular wheels.

EL/Max's elongated bodyshell features longer loading space window and backoor construction (the back wheel does not protrude into the lower half of the door). In addition to the Ford Expedition as part of the series production, the EL/Max was available with a unique drive train; the 5th 4L Triton U8 was in series production from 2007 to 2014, superseded by the 3rd 4L ECO Boost U6 with two turbochargers for 2015 to 2017.

EL/Max is also available with rear-wheel and 4WDrive. In the first family the EL/Max shares its characteristics with the Expedition King; for the 2012 models, a freight forwarder became an unique selling point. 86] The Expedition EL was presented in 4 decorative lines: XLT, Eddie Bauer, Limited and the King Ranch range in the 2007-2010 year.

In 2011 the Eddie Bauer fairing was changed to XLT and XLT Premium, where XL became the new basic fairing. In 2015 the EL/Max was given the same face-lift and upgrade as the Expedition-Standardlänge. Ford on February 7, 2017 Ford announces that the Expedition EL now bears the name Expedition MAX (Max is now stylised with all uppercase letters as MAX) as a name tag for the remainder of the globe when the forth-generation models debuted in November 2017 for the 2018 year ( (in reality, the MAX is a second generating SUV).

As with the Expedition Full Sized, it was introduced before the Chicago Auto Show and will include the same set of extras and the three trim levels XLT, Limited and Platinum. Following the 2015 update, the full-size expedition became exclusively available for the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the Middle East.

American and Canadian expeditions are available in XLT, Limited, King Ranch and Platinum, while The Mexican Expedition provides XLT, Limited and King Ranch Quintiq. Middle East Expeditions are available in XL, XLT, Limited, King Ranch and Platinum (RWD only). Ford will initially bring the SUV to North America in autumn 2017 with the 4th expedition to the North American market, followed by a worldwide market rollout in early 2018, where it will be launched in select markets.

All six Expedition EL/Max models (XL, XLT/Eddie Bauer, XLT Platinum/Sport, Ltd., King Ranch and Platinum) are available in the USA. Of the 2007 to 2010 models, EL/Max levels were restricted to only 3 for Canada, the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the Middle East, two for Mexico and one for the Philippines.

Canada's Expedition Max featured the Eddie Bauer, Limited and King Ranch trimms, Mexico's Expedition Max in Limited and King Ranch trimms, and the Middle East's EL plane trimms in XLT, Eddie Bauer and Limited. Eddie Bauer's lonely expedition EL in the Philippines was the Eddie Bauer expedition from 2007 to 2010.

Ford has made changes in the EL/Max mouldings export after the 2011 year. Following the changes, the Ltd. trimming became the only available in Canada and Mexico, as Eddie Bauer (in Canada) and King Ranch trimmings (in Canada and Mexico) were phased out, while the Philippines and the Middle East were replacing Eddie Bauer with the ULT trimming.

The Expedition EL US leveled trimmers are the same as the regulars: the 2015 Refresh: XLT, Limited, King Ranch and Platinum, all four with back wheels and all-wheel drives. Canadian Expedition Max are only available in limited and platinum version, also in RWD and CWD.

Mexico's Expedition Max is only available with RWD and 4WD Ltd. rear-wheel-drives. Philippines, Republic of China (Taiwan) and Middle East EL' are only available in 4WD Ltd. equipment. By introducing the Expedition Max for the 2018 year as the follow-up to the first expedition EL family, Ford intends to make the car available worldwide, in North America at the end of 2017 and in select markets in early 2018.

BorgWarner's fully automated full-time four-wheel drive system for all 4x4 expeditions is included as part of the package. Every modus can be chosen by a knob on the dashboard. This expedition system uses a two-stage BorgWarner distribution gearbox with a software-controlled, adjustable, smart multi-disc-differential.

The standard off-road programme is chosen and re-sets AdvanceTrac's electronically controlled choke valve system, tractive effort management system (engine management) and electronically controlled instability and rolling resistance system for off-road use. 27 ][94] The four-wheel drive system (brake differentials ) stays in operation and functions as usual.

Optionally, both mechanic and electronical friction monitoring system are available. The first and second generations of Ford Expeditions (UN93 and U222) had an option towing locomotive reverse lock diff. axle (LSD). AdvanceTrac for the 2003 models. 2006 was the last year of the Traction-Lok ratchet-differencial. The AdvanceTrac was launched in 2003 as an option for the second Ford Expedition (U222) family.

Included in the delivery of the four-wheeled electric vehicle stabilisation system is a four-wheeled electric tractive effort monitor (functions on all wheels) for four-wheel-expeditions. 27 ] Two-wheel expeditions are only fitted with a single electronically controlled two-wheeler system for the back-wheelers. The AdvanceTrac has become the default on all third generations of expeditions (U324). From 2018 the Expedition and the Expedition MAX will use Ford's Terrain Management System.

Keys for controlling the 4x4 system are located around the main terrain management clock face. This expedition's terrain management system is designed for the SVT Raptor to allow the use of a 4 L (low-lock) modus and an electronical blocking potential. In addition, the Explorer's terrain management system has 4 (four) driving sessions, while the expedition has 7 (seven) driving sessions, without the 3 (three) 4x4 system driving sessions.

According to the chosen modus, the field management controls, adjusts and adjusts the motor, the gearbox, the central multi-disc limited slip differentials, the accelerator, the electronic train monitoring and the Equal Steering System (ESC) to match the vehicle for optimum off-road performances. The expedition was launched in 1996, competing with both the Chevrolet Tahoe and the GMC Yukon in the full-size SAV tugboats.

Ford's research showed that 92% of expedition car drivers use the expedition for their holidays. Around 60 per cent use it for the transportation of sporting goods, while 40 per cent of expedition participants use the car for hauling. 97 ] The half-ton EL/Max expedition is competing with the half-ton Chevrolet Suburban 1500 and the GMC Yukon XL 1500 in the tugboats.

The towed load of the expedition has risen from 3,674 kg (8,100 lbs) to 9,200 pounds (4,173 kg or 4.6 tons) with the appropriate equipment since its inception. Also, the range of tow functions is getting bigger and bigger. Characteristics shared by all expedition generation include: the smallest possible turning circle for enhanced manoeuvrability of the tow, large side mirror to enhance rear vision, rearwards pointing tracking error gauges that are useful to other drivers when the expedition pulls a long trailor that provides additional vision security, high performance indicators,[98] large disk brake weights that can handle longer stopping during tow, and an available heavy-duty drawbar tow kit that provides the necessary add-ons for manoeuvre.

From 1997 to 2013, the company provided cruises with self-levelling, self-levelling adaptable and self-levelling systems for payloads and trailers. In 2014, an Nivomat self-levelling, self-levelling system with effective capacity levelling and towed-weight levelling system replaces the pneumatically operated system. That keeps the expedition even and even when towed and assists in protecting the expedition's headlights from dazzling opposing vehicles at noon.

In order to rival large PD suavans marketed by other automotive manufacturers, especially the Chevrolet Suburban, Ford has provided a dedicated expedition edition for prosecution, fire brigades and EMSs. The Expedition is called the SSV (Special Service Vehicle) by Ford. All that differs between the regular expedition and the SPV expedition is the regulations for rescue gear such as radio sets, light bars and beacons.

On the debut of the Expedition's 4th edition (2018-today) in 2017, Ford announces that the off-the-shelf model will be available only in the lower XL model for sale to federal and criminal authorities. 2009 Ford Expedition Safety. Ford Expedition Report. Ford Truck Enthusiasts - Expedition Overview".

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Ford Motor Company supplies best sales year since 2006; Ford is top mark with records for Fiesta, Fusion, Escape" (PDF) (press release). Fords Media. Ford publishes its best sales results since 2005; Ford again the best-selling make and car" (PDF) (press release). Fords Media. New products make Ford America's best-selling make for the sixth consecutive year; F Series No. 1 car for 34 years" (PDF).

Ford's Expedition 2018 is the first major roadster-repair in 15 years. The Ford Expedition's website:

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