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SONSCHINE Media Network International (SMNI) is the transmitting branch of a Filipino company Apollo?C, Pastor Apollo?C. Headquartered at Davao City and Makati City (for its affiliate SMNI Newsletter Channel), it is available globally via land-based transmission in the Philippines and via wire, satellites and on-line streams. Now the network has two TV stations where the major TV station provides a 24-hour delivery by regularly repeating a large number of self-produced Kingdom Programs[1] in English, Tagalog and sometimes tens of language versions as well as newscasts, PR affaires and sport programmes; while the network's affiliate SMNI website SMNI News offers primarily 24-hour role-playing reporting and PR programmes which are broadcasted in digital TV only in Metro Manila TV-only.

Under the Swara Sug Media Corporation's Sonshine Radio label, it operates a network of radios. There are also two landmark lanterrestrial canals in Metro Manila and Davao Central. Jesus Christ's Media Ministry, now known as SMNI, has its origins in broadcasting on the DXDC and DXUM radios "Pagsusi sa Kamatuoran".

1992 the department started its first TV show "The Hour of Truth" on IBC and ABS-CBN channels in Visayas and Mindanao, followed by "Powerline" in 1995. In July 2000, The Kingdom of Jesus Christ formally started its own cable network, "The Q Channel" (then also known as "ACQ-TV, Q Channel"), which delivers Gospel of the Kingdom from Davao City to the major Philippine towns 24/7.

In April 2003, The Q Channel was re-named "ACQ-Kingdom Broadcasting Network (ACQ-KBN)" after the network was rebooted and the new, state-of-the-art satellite technologies were used to get around the globe from Davao City it was also rebranded under the new tagline "Delivering the Good messages 24 times a day, 7days a week".

2 ] ACQ-KBN also started its new worship programmes such as Give Us This Day, Sounds of Worship, Batang Kaharian (lit. Kingdom Child), Way Ahead, Highest Practice and many more. 2004 KJC starts its own Davao City broadcast on ACQ-KBN as "DXAQ Kingdom Broadcast Corporation, DXAQ Kingdom as " DXAQ Kingdom ??AM ". In March 2005 ACQ-KBN purchased the channel NBC Angel Radyo AM from Nation?Broadcasting?Corporation via Swara Sug Media Corporation and renamed it "Sonshine Radio".

DWBP-TV Channel 39 will go on stream as "ACQ-KBN Sonshine TV-39 Metro Manila" in November 2005 and later, on January 8, 2006, after the test shows, ACQ-KBN Sonshine TV 39 will be started at the first Global Thanksgiving and Worship Präsentation in the PhilSports Arena, the network company from cable TV transmission to Free-to-Air TV stream.

In July 2006, ACQ-KBN Sonshine TV was started as "Sonshine Network International (SMNI)" as News and Public Affairs Unit, which became a link between ACQ-KBN Sonshine TV-39 in Metro Manila and ACQ-KBN Sonshine TV-43 in Davao. In August 2010, ACQ-KBN Sonshine TV (merger of ACQ-KBN and Sonshine Media Network International) was again re-named "SMNI", the network was focused on religious, news and public affairs programmes from the now disbanded ACQ-KBN, it was also started as a new tagline "Alternative Medien, Alternativ Macht, it Sustainable Life" (first slogan) and "Informs, Delivers, Transforms" (second slogan) with new channel ID.

In January 2011 SMNI started with a new ward ID under the new tagline "Where Everything is Possible".

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