Navy Arg

Marine Arg

Store Adidas Team Wear presentation suit Navy/Arg Blue. The joint exercise allows the Navy-Marine Corps team to train as a closed unit. United StatesSS Essex complements integrative exercise with Amphibian readiness group, Navy

Essex Armhibious Group ( "ARG") US Navy vessels have concluded the first set of Integrative Exercise with the Municipal Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) during the PHIBRON MEU Integrated Training (PMINT) off the Southern Californian coastline. Participants refined their skills for planning and conducting drills in the areas of marine safety, rapid reaction capabilities and marine visibility in three stages.

Essex ARG and MEU 13 will be the first nationwide amphibian troop to be deployed with the F-35B, and PMINT is the first pre-deployment practice to fully integrate the advanced features of Lightning II. The Essex ARG consists of the amphibic attack vessel USS Essex (LHD 2), the amphibic cargo terminal USS Anchorage (LPD 23) and the amphibic landingship USS Rushmore (LSD 41).

In the first stage of PMINT, yachtsmen and navies worked together to transport the planes, vessels, equipment and staff of the thirteenth MEU on the three vessels onboard. Second and longest stage was the integral education. During this stage there were aerial defence, ground attack, anti-piracy, communication, board-ing, design and implementation, working instructions and test set-up.

During the last stage, staff, aircraft, vessels and Essex ARG vessels were unloaded.

Navy first: First SWATT for Kearsarge ARG on the East Coast

USS Kearsarge (LHD 3) APC ( "Amphibious Ready Group", ARG) came back to its home port on 28 June after completion of the first ARG Advanced Tactical Training (SWATT) on the east coast. The SWATT is headed by Naval Surfaces and Mines Warfighting Development Center (SMWDC) Monitors and Tactical Engineers (WTI) who design and monitor the implementation of ARG SWATT' s that offer mentorship at sea to help create more powerful and tactical competent SATTs.

"for the ARG vessels to begin operating as a war party. WTI SMWDCs provided outstanding education for war commandants, vessels and guards," said Captain Daniel Blackburn, Commander of the Amphibious Squadron (PHIBRON) 6. "We have definitely been preparing this weeks and have laid the foundations for the next step of our work.

" SMWDC' missions are to enhance the surface fleet's lethal and strategic capabilities by deploying BWATTs to vessels in the operational areas of U.S. Fleet Forces and U.S. Pacific Fleet. SMWDC' s staff carries out its strategic part of its missions through targeted mentor activities at the level of the units, the aerial defence commandant and the naval warlord.

"There was no better first SWATT on the East Coast than this," said Commander Jeff Heames, SMWDC' Chief Operating and Education Officer, who took on the USS Arlington (LPD 24) as one of the leading ministers during the drill.

"We' ve fine-tuned the ARG SWATT workout plan and practice monitoring method for both East and West workouts. It will ensure that the above-water vessels throughout the entire fleets are provided with the same continuing education that will qualify them for an ongoing launch into the high-end education stage.

Intermediate is an important part of the entire workout life of our Commander ships, providing our commander ships with complete, deadly and skilled workouts. "The SMWDC' SMWDC' Monitors and WTIs monitored the ship's teams' progress and evolution during the running time. "During the Kearsarge drill, WTI's SMWDC Anti-Submarine Warship (ASW/SUW), Lt. Mor Rosenberg, said, "SWATT closes the gulf between initial education and integral education.

Seamen underwent aerial combat drills and fire drills and attacked fake torpedoes. SMWDC' SMWDC' coaching and real-time feed-back using replication tool enhanced the watches team's performances each and every day they attended instruction. "Ryan Brown, Fire Controlman First Class, who takes the role of anti-air war co-ordinator and takes and manages the aerial photograph, said.

" The Kearsarge ARG is getting ready for an imminent mission and the SWATT drill offered the ARG the opportunity to synchronise their ARG war and get ready for an integral live warfare. The ARG will practice with the Marine Expedition Units (MEU) during the integral stage before obtaining operational certifications. "SWATT's position before the ship's last two big works was great for the crew," said Captain Jason Rimmer, Kearsarge's executive officers.

"We had the opportunity to remove the grate and schedule, summarize, conduct and discuss the progress of our strategic practice tactics trainings during the game. We trained a great deal during SWATT and it was rewarding. The SMWDC has four units focusing on mine action, armistice fighting, integral aerial and rocket defence and naval engagement.

The SMWDC is a subcommand of Commander, Naval Surfacing Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet, and is in place to enhance the mortality and strategic capabilities of the U.S. Superficial Force in all areas.

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