Patterson Shipping Company's office building on Main Street Nausori was destroyed in a fire today. Receive the Nausori weather forecast. Reserve your hotel in Nausori now. Nausori International Airport SUV, Fiji hotels. Free car hire in Fiji at Nausori airport to explore the culture and scenery of Viti Levu.

Fiji Nausori Airport. Service of the Suva area

If you fly to or from Suva, use the Nausori Int'l Aiport.... a taxi journey from main Suva Holidays Inner, Tanoa, etc. Although this is classified as an "international" aerodrome, it can be assumed to be a small turning point for internal use.

Extremely small, the only truly well-known round-trip airlines are a few regular week-long services to neighbouring isles. Most of the Fiji connections are in Nadi and use a local connection with Suva (Nadi-Suva is a 30 minutes flight). There' really isn't much more to be added about the aiport..... small, ample car park, and with a cab rank in front of the arrival area.

We may have provided a site plan of the area. WiFi is only available from the computer at the airports and costs for fj$5 for 30 mins. Taxis are always available in the stands outside the Aiport, a drive to one of the Suva-Hotels (e.g. Holiday Inn) costs about fj$30.

As Air Fiji is just beginning a new flight directly from Australia to Suva, the town may need to improve its transportation to accommodate the additional travel. When you are on one of these Australia routes and want to cross to the other side of Viti Levu, (Coral Coast, Nadi or Denarau), then there are a few Nadi-based transfers that you can arrange in Nausori to take you.

For more information on fares and booking options, please visit the Nadi International Airports page.

The Nausori Airport

The Nausori Airport is the second airport in Fiji on the east side of the island of Viti Levu. The Nausori Airport is only 30 min by car from the provincial capitol Suva, the most important center of the South Pacific and home to many of the world's and regions' centers. Airline companies run inland shuttle services that take you to Nadi Airport to link your intercontinental flight in less than 30 min/day.

We also have week-long services to Nuku'alofa and Funafuti; and the inland buses connect the major Viti Levu with Vanua Levu. Now the new four-lane Rewa Bridge provides simple and straightforward accessibility between Nausori and the centre of the Suva in less than 30 mins.

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