Natural Attraction in French Polynesia

Attractiveness of nature in French Polynesia

Snorkeling, shark diving, nature & wildlife tours, private tours, boat trips, scuba & snorkeling. Located not far from the city of Papeete, this roadside attraction is something special. Matching the natural beauty of Tahiti, there are many places that enchant visitors with their exquisite charm.

10 main activities in French Polynesia 2018

The Bora Bora Bora is one of the most popular French Polynesian isles. Bora Bora opposite the coastline of the archipelago has stunning gardens of corals. The visitor will see colourful corals and a multitude of local species of marine life. A few of the species you can see are moths, parrotfish, pufferfish, Picasso triggerfish, snappers, seaweed, goatfish, groupers, Trumpetfish, Black monkfish, Lipfish and Japan morays.

Bora Bora does not have many open beach, as the resort owns them private.

Which are the main touristic sights in French Polynesia? Please click here

French Polynesia's main touristic sites give us an idea of what France would look like if it were a group of tropic South Pacific isles. France isn't and that's what these isles are for. No matter whether you are looking for a holiday in one of the summers, a getaway from cold winters or a relaxing holiday with your beloved, French Polynesia is the perfect place.

Because of its varied water habitat and strong surf, it attracts mainly scuba diving and surfing from all over the globe. This 137-hectare botanic gardens was established in 1919 by an American called Harrison Smith. In 1844 the city was used by French forces as a defence stronghold and has been in operation since then.

Faratea Castle is the site of the port of Faratea. Today Faratea Port is used for trading with the near Pape'ete. Because of its rich past, the ancient city of Taravao is one of the most important tourism destinations in French Polynesia. It is devoted to the various sites and sites of French Polynesia.

There are four different types of exhibits: natural and geographical heritage, pre-European time and population. It also has an open-air exhibition and a park where you can stroll if you need a rest from the story, cultural events and arts that will inspire your sense.

It has many archaeological places and is one of the most important touristic destinations in French Polynesia.

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