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The Vanuatu program is going very well. Vanuatu Nationals Vietnam Visa? VanuatuVanuatu, Ni-Vanuatu (singular and plural).

Double citizenship is not an option

ONE of the problems of double citizenship came this weekend when folks told The Independent that the Citizenship Bureau employees told the foreigners that they had to give up their former citizenship in order to obtain Vanuatu citizenship. There is a single fact that the Treaty was amended a few years ago to allow double citizenship - from 2014.

Because of whatever reasons, the information that came from this position was totally wrong, and the only amendment that came to the Bill was the costs of becoming a Vanuatu national, which, notably, are being slashed. Ralph Regenvanu insisted that double nationality was admissible after the changes made some while ago.

On Friday, he said to The Independent that he would look into why this misinformation is being spread. There was a spelling mistake in today's issue of The Independent in which Mr Regenvanu said that you could not have double nationality, although he should say that you could now have double nationality.

Mr. Regenvanu and the general public are apologized to The Independent for the editor's mistake and any unintentional disorientation he has created. It will also examine why this agency either lies or ignores the changes to the constitution after a few years.

Banuatu Citizenship

The Vanuatu Citieship Programs open the doors for those who wish to request and purchase a second nationality and pass to the prestige Vanuatu Citieship and the Vanuatu Passport, the thirty-sixth place in the global market, at a very competitively priced price and in only six week without the need to travelling or stay in the state.

Vanuatu Development Support Program was issued by the Vanuatu government under the Honorary Citizenship Ordinance under Decree No. 215 of 2016, which established the honorary citizenship privilege for the Honorary Citizenship Act[CAP 112] in another Decree of the Head of State under Decree No. 216 of 2016.

Applicants can request honorary Vanuatu by donating money to the Vanuatu government. Under the above provisions, Vanuatu honorary citizenry can be applied for by contributing $130,000 to the government. Additionally to the USD$ 130,000, there are some extra dues and dues that include nationality costs, back-office verification, VAT, pass dues, service and administration dues.

Citizenship obtained under the development programme is fully recognised by the government of Vanuatu and the nationality is considered Ni-Vanuatu. Applicants and holders of Vanuatu citizenship and passports under the DSP have the full right to live and work in Vanuatu and the passports are extendable at the end of their validity.

The Vanuatu is a taxation haven, there is no conscription and many possibilities for businesses for investors. Vanuatu is a great place to relax and unwind all year round. Vanuatu's second nationality and pass programme provides individual and pecuniary liberty and security. Vanuatu citizens benefit from a tax-free, regulatory-friendly atmosphere.

Experience the liberty of a second pass that allows visa-free travel to some 120 different destinations (including Russia). The Vanuatu Nationality by Investment Program is a fast and simple procedure. Nationality proceedings last only 4-6 week, do not involve either being physically present or staying in advance, there are no linguistic conditions and candidates without a police records are welcome from almost every country in the word.

After the Vanuatu Pass has been approved by the Nationality Commission, the last stage in obtaining it is to complete and submit the Vanuatu Pass Cards. Passports are issued for five years from the date of issuance and can be renewed on expiration. Vanuatu is a very appealing home for those applying for double nationality, for those who travel the globe, digitally nomadic travellers, adventure seekers, businessmen and pensioners looking for a vibrant tropic way of life.

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