Nas North Island Housing

North Island Nas Housing

Housing basic allowance (BAH). When it comes to living near NAS North Island, there are many places to live. NAS North Island Housing Office will keep your name on the waiting list and contact you when your permanent accommodation is available.

North Island NAS, CA Enclosures and Location Information

First is life on the basis. The second way is to use your BAH to hire or buy a house outside the camp. The housing department can be reached at (619) 556-8443. The rental of basic apartments may involve waiting periods and accommodation may not be available. If you are not willing to buy a house and looking to hire, please review our data bank for available offers in the area.

Clic here for flats for rent. Towns around NAS North Island (Purchase a Home) - The towns around this install are Coronado, San Diego, Imperial Beach, Mission Beach, National City, Chula Vista and many neighbourhoods. Shelter is off to get into these municipalities for all who want to get into a new home.

The Naval Air Station North Island is part of the biggest aviation and space industry building of the United States Navy, Naval Base Coronado in San Diego County, California. Further institutions combined under the naval base Coronado are the naval amphibian base Coronado, the naval aid country San Clemente Island and the Mountain Warfare Training Facility, to name but a few.

Coronado Naval Base's missions are to mend and maintain the U.S. Pacific Fleet and other emergency services. North Island's missions are to assist air travel, as it has since the beginning of naval flying in 1911. Allocation/reference office at the San Diego Naval Base is required for accommodation for members of staff.

More information on the available basic enclosures can be obtained by calling 619-556-8443.

North Island NAS - Base Housing Office

Alternatively, if you decide to stay at the hostel, you can call the housing department at (619) 556-8443. NAS North Island Housing will keep your name on the waitlist and get in touch with you when your full-time accommodation is available. Ensure that you and your familiy book accommodation in front of your NAS North Island NAS.

As soon as you get there and register with NAS North Island, you will have 10 working nights to look at your accommodation choices and make a selection. We' ll give you the necessary facilities to make an informed accommodation selection when you reach NAS North Island. No matter whether you choose to remain in a NAS North Island enclosure or use your BAH to lease or buy a house around NAS North Island, our location tracking tool will help you make the right selection.

Free to graze the houses for rental and houses for Sale, as well as local shops working with NAS North Island incoming troops and their Families. When you arrive on NAS North Island, if you need short-term accommodation, please check our accommodation area with available accommodation near the North Island North Island Mail.

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