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Fiji Narara Island

in Panama, Central America. Maps of the area around the island Narara, Fiji. Instant Fiji Resort & Spa: The Narara Island is located next to Yaraniko Point in western Fiji. The" Fijian Escape" project gave us the opportunity to film one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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The Narara Island is situated off the southwestern shore of Naviti, one of the bigger of the Yasawa isles. Yasawa Group is made up of six major isles and many smaller ones and is situated in one of Fiji's most important island regions. Enjoy dryer than other parts of the land, Narara Island has a wonderful landscape with fine sand dunes and lakes.

The group' s nearby island resort areas are Navutu Stars Resort, Nanuya Island Resort, Turtle Island and Yasawa Lodge. With an area of approximately 113 acre, Narara Island has outstanding natural features, with three very privately-owned sands. The island's mean temperature is between 25 and 27 C (with a difference of 2-4 degrees in the colder months).

Helicopters, seaplanes or boats are used for the island's principal transport. It is only a 15-20 minutes fly from Nadi International Airport to the island. You can also take a chopper from Denarau Island. The Yasawa Flyer takes about 3 hrs and takes you from Denarau harbour to the Yasawa Group every day.

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The Moon Fiji - David Stanley

Most of the last three dozen years David Stanley has been on the streets. For the first year, his guides to the South Pacific, Micronesia, Alaska, Eastern Europe and Cuba opened these territories to independents. On his first Pacific journey in 1978, David purchased the longest flight ever purchased from Pan American Airways in Canada.

He has since come back many a time and has visited and revisited the island. He began his writing careers as a travelling novelist with the correspondence he sent to Bill Dalton and Tony Wheeler, the trailblazers of budgetary trips to Asia in the 1970'. Also, the creator of Moon Tahiti and Moon South Pacific, David is enjoying getting mails from those who have used his leaders.

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