Napali Coast

Nape of Naples

Start your Na Pali Coast adventure from the beautiful and romantic Hanalei Bay. Snorkel, hiking and picnic, Kauai Picture: Admire the pristine yet rugged beauty of the coast as your captain climbs up the coast of Na'Pali. Here you will find reviews and tips from fans like you from Napali Coast Kayak Hanalei, Hawaii. Rigorous disposable paddling all day long on the Napali coast of Kauai.

2028 All you need to know before you go (with photos)

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There are 3 ways to see Na Pali Coast Kauai

Add the stunning Na Pali Coast to your "must do" schedule when you plan your Kauai-holidays. There is no Kauai visitor without this magic shoreline, an 11 mile long route of 3,000 feet of emerging rocks, concealed rocks, deserted shores and no cars or buildings in view.

Reachable only by chopper, ferry or hike is the Na Pali coast, where the hawaiian deities must have imagined the sky. We suggest you experience the Na Pali coast at least in one way, if possible, but if you can incorporate it into your timetable, you will not be frustrated to come back more than once.

The Na Pali coast offers chopper trips to and from the beautiful valley and to a thousand falls, quicker than you can say the name of Hawaii's state fishworth. You will get a feel from the skies for the size of this coastal line and the subtleties of each stretch of the path.

The Blue Hawaiian helicopter has state-of-the-art soft seats, two-way pilots communications and large glazed window to see Na Pali. The driver tells the whole trip, with background noise. You can not only see Na Pali, but the whole archipelago and admire countless falls, gorges and the untouched water of the northern water!

We used to mention these courageous and adventuresome minds who choose to walk all 11 miles in and out, just like the old Hawaiians who once walked within the wall of these remote canyons. Before choosing this itinerary, please note that it is not a full days walk; accommodation permissions are necessary and it is a challenging path even for the most expert one.

Now that that is out of the way, let's discuss the way. Kalalau trail starts in Haena State Park, which is the end of the northern bank of Kauai. Along the way, walkers cross five dales, cross creeks and glide along steep cliffy paths to the sandy-white banks of Kalalau.

First four mile trails are for walkers, most decide to stop at Hanakapiai Beach or walk two extra mile up-country to Hanakapiai Falls, a 300 hundred meter long cascade with a sparkling swimmingpool for a bath. Behind Hanakapiai Beach is the Hanakoa Valley and the waterfalls. When you pass Hanakoa, the road becomes even tougher and more treacherous, only advanced walkers should try the other part.

At the infinite sandy stretch of land and a luxuriant river basin that leads to lonely creeks. And of course, you can also camp on the shimmering starry beaches on a rug of fine sands.

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