Namuana Village Kadavu

Kadavu Namuana Village

Explore the area of Namuana with this guide (Fiji (general)) in Fiji. Kadavu Yaubula Management Support Team. There is a village called Namuana on the island of Kadavu, in a bay near the port of Vunisea. It' the legend of the holy turtles of Kadavu. Many many years ago, a very beautiful princess named Tinaicaboga lived in beautiful Namuana.

Namuanas travel guide

Namuana in Fiji. Namua in the Fiji area ( "general") is situated in Fiji - about 106 km south of Suva, the nation's capitol. It is now 05:16 PM (Wednesday). Pacific / Fiji" is the name of the area''s internal clock with a 13-hour run timesheet.

While you are here, you should visit Waisomo, Wailevu, Vunisea Station, Tavuki, Solondamu and Naikorokoro. The Vunisea International is situated near Vunisea on the island of Kadavu in Fiji. Aka Namalata or Kadavu airports, it is used by many Fiji surfers and kayakers. Airports Fiji Limited operates it.

Found at -19.05, 178.15 (Lat. / Lng.), less than 1 mi away. The province of Kadavu is one of fourteen Fiji constituencies and is part of the Eastern Division, which also comprises the Lau, Lomaiviti and Rotuma states. The Kadavu also belong to the Burebasaga Confederacy, a hierarchical group of chieftains from the south and west of Fiji with Roko Tui Dreketi of Rewa as the highest of them.

There are Kadavu Iceland, Ono Iceland, Galoa Iceland, Dravuni Iceland and some other islets. Found at -19.05, 178.15 (Lat. / Lng.), less than 7 miles away. Kadavu is the 4th biggest of the Kadavu group, a Kadavu group, a vulcanic archipelagos of Kadavu, Ono, Galoa and some smaller ones in the Great Astrolabe Reef, with an area of 411 sqkm.

Vunisea, which has an international airfield, a grammar and grammar schools, a local health center and a regional office on Namalata Isthmus, where the isle is almost divided into two parts, is its central city. Suva, the Fiji capitol, is 88 kilometres northern of Kadavu. Found at -19.05, 178.15 (Lat. / Lng.), less than 7 miles away.

Found at -19.05, 178.15 (Lat. / Lng.), less than 12 miles away. The Nagigia Islands is an isle at the most south-western point of Fiji. It' also known on some map as Denham Iceland. It is 26 hectares in area, private property and has a large protected lake for snorkeling.

The Nagigia Islands is off the west end of Kadavu Islands, Fiji's 4th biggest archipelago, where the small hamlet of Nabukalevu-Ira is at. Nagigia Resort is in the southeast of the isle. Found at -19.05, 178.15 (Lat. / Lng.), less than 15 miles away.

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