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Search hotels around Sonaisali Island to find the perfect accommodation! The Doubletree Resort at Hilton Hotel Fiji Sonaisali Island: Naisali Island. Discover Naisali holiday and discover the best time and places to visit. Detailed hourly weather forecast for Naisali Island tomorrow. Receive directions, reviews and information about Doubletree By Hilton Sonaisali Island in Nandi, .

Latest Reviews for DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Hotel Fiji

There was no reason to complain about the lodging, the personnel, the location, the equipment. It was a nice place, the employees were very friendly/helpful. Dinner was good. The swimming area was great for children. It was a very good place to organize excursions etc. I' ve spent four night in the Doubletree and can't really suggest the city. The swimming area was also very impressive; I never had any difficulties to secure a sun bed in the shadow and the swimming area was large enough to do a few rounds.

I was also very fortunate as a single traveler that the employees were so kind - they really went beyond that to make my trip as pleasant and relaxing as possible. It had a good mixture of family and couple, felt very secure and had a great position - I could spend long periods sitting on the beaches and in the palms staring!

I' ve used the place, which had relatively few possibilities for a vegetarian, so that it can get a bit dull over a longer term, but again I can't distort the attitude or the people. I myself and my spouse have chosen to try this place and it has turned out to be a beautiful one.

There is a great pool and dining area, which includes recently renovated rooms with sea views. We' ve notified the hoteI in advanced, but they haven't taken care of it. Apart from that, the employees are kind and offer outstanding services. Some of the following ratings have been published by visitors from other countries: They were very kind and supportive, especially Alifaretti, the bartender, made many different kinds of juice for us.

Thank you to all employees and managers. We' re having a good one. The weather was not so good that there was not much to do in or around the area. It was a wonderful place ~ great views and lovely room. The only unpleasant thing about BBQ GRILL?we was that they waited about an hours, the meal didn't arrive and even a glas of drink.

So we were gonna call off the meal and the waiter said the meal was done and I could sit in my room. It' the poorest quality in Fiji. A few of the employees are kind, but most of those we saw at the reception and reception were so impolite. Horrible meal, but so dear!

He' s actually hanging around with some cute people. It has so much untapped yet very poorly run resource, the vast majority of the people our entire group worked with were untrustworthy, some of them unfaithful and ill-trained. Dining at the eatery is terrible and it ends up being too expensive to go to the city for supper every evening.

The personnel at the swimming pools were never back from buying the drink and we had to track it down several places in half an hours. Whenever we had the simplest wishes (fresh hand towels, bathrooms, etc.), we had to ask several questions over several nights to do something.

All in all, this is a totally overpriced place with really poor cuisine. Just the Bure's were kind and convenient, and a small part of the personnel was very kind and inviting. It was our fourth visit to Fiji and was the most frustrating one we ever had.

Presumably my debt but the parcel I did click on with Expedia said breakfasts were included and it was a figure of an oceanshell room when we got there, it was a room behind the Beachfront room looking at a filthy affluent waters (no reference of this in the registration procedure and breakfasts were not included, which costs us more moneys TO UPDATE WHAT WAS WAS TO BE IN THE PACKET, there was no Fiji civilization at all in the resort.

The employees were not very well educated, I know they are talking about Fiji period, but that was ridiculously sluggish. There was a great deal to be wished for in the choices of foods, the costs of breakfasts were ridiculously high for the choices of breakfasts, one would have expected to find the season's fruits and canned-fruits. It was a great experience at the DOUBLE TREE REST.

Pleasant personnel, nice swimming pools, a great time! Well, it'?s better for your barbecue and your pub than the big one. The hotel was great, but don't wait for the scenic beach that you see in the advertisements for your Fijian holiday, because you won't find it here. A very quiet, remote place. There' not much to do on the island with little children.

Good meals at sensible rates. Double Tree Fiji is a great value for money property. They are so kind and supportive, the support is astonishing. Accommodation at the resort is great with a swimmingpoolbar, playroom and aquatic activity. The only disappointment for us on vacation was the meal at the hospital.

Since you are somehow insulated, your only option are the two restaurant in the area. For us, the meal was very mediocre and simply not really rewarding the money we paid. Besides the meal, the motel was astonishing and nice. That really is a great place. We' re having a good one.

There is a beautiful swimming bath and we don't even go anywhere for a few short geys. We' re having a great vacation here. The employees were outstanding and very kind. Restaurants were quite pricey and if you take this into account for seven evenings with beverages, it can cost a great deal of cash, especially if you are a group.

That means the meal at the diner was delicious. It' a lovely place and the staff is good. Checking-in was very sluggish, the food's fine. When it comes to first aid, the staff have no clue, because we had an accident when one of the guest dropped off his horses while horseback rides.

It was a nightmare - I liked the room and really liked the swimming pools. They were astonishing and always so kind. There was no way to get there on foot - so we had no other option than to go out for the more costly meals at the resorts on those dates we didn't intend to.

When we want to go into the city, the hoteliers charge us $30 FJD (taximeter is $15 FJD) and when we go out later in the evening, we have to sit and waiting for a chauffeur to come from home to take us. Otherwise there was always something to do in the hotels - they provide everyday activity for grown-ups and children, so I would suggest this place to the family.

Magnificent residence just south of Nadi, all conveniences on site, incl. a dairies. They are the best place to remain, they are always ready to help and great to talk to them. I and my boyfriend used to love our sojourn at the New York based Business Center Dock. It was a great experience, the people were great and made sure we were always well.

Also the meals were great both in the resorts and in the city of Nadi. We had a lot of enjoyment with the resorts activity and we did it all in one heartbeat. Beautiful place. We all have. One of the most beautiful vacation (holidays) we had.

Its position takes you away from the "tourist traps" on the island of Denaru. Go on a few tours....Safari Jungle, Dormant Giant, Mud Baths, Cannibal Cave, Diner Cross and just unwind in Fiji Age! Sitting in a hot spot and having a cocktail by the swimming poolside to unwind, and for the most part this was the right one.

There' s a large swimmingpool and many loungers facing the sea, but you may need to get up early to ensure your ideal sunshade position when it is occupied. There is a large and beautiful swimmingpool with real depths and a swim-up area. BUT: There's a DJ who is playing around the swimming pools all days, which wouldn't be the end of the universe, except his play list was really tight.

I' ve been there for 36 hrs (with a great deal of sleep) and listened to Pina Colada's tune three beats - without the amount of recording material the group had. They want to spend long periods at the swimming pools - please get a play list that lasts longer than 2h.

It was really good dinner, but it was really pricey. Nice hotel - but there is not much to do and the meals are overpriced. This was not for those who enjoyed good meals, as it was mediocre and costly. The personnel was very nice and the swimming pools were great. Both are possible with our supportive team.

All our times we used to eat, sleep and go to the beach. There is a large open air bath for beverages and meals from 11 am. Myself during the rainy when we went it is nice and I would strongly advise for adult, family or couples. when I got there, the personnel were very powerful and useful the housekeeping personnel were a little loose to supplement all parts in there everyday room making there is a little mosquitoes like bugs that gain entrance also sands its way into the bed as personnel do not just flick broom light of the lanes to the rooms is not good and great diligence must be taken when they at most in particular....

It was a great place and the furnishings were great! Taxis were high, so we got a resident cabbie, who was bothered by the hotelaxi, who picked us up. It was horrified to see my cabbie bullied and interrogated, I had to interrupt the scene, but I could see that the hotelecabbie didn't want to give in and we went.

No, where is it stipulated that we may only use certain types of hotels and I do not require aggression because I have found my own cabbie. There is a need for the cooking processes in the cafeteria, where every meal is prepared for breakfasts, lunches and dinners, and for a serious overhaul of the times.

However, there were at least 8 chefs to be seen by the visitors, but more behind the scenes and at least 8 barmaids per cook. At this number of employees the services were always inevitably sluggish. People with young kids were always disappointed and complained to employees, but nothing was ever done to enhance the client experiences.

Grocery store and qualitiy makes or break the customers account and decides whether they want to return visiting or tell their families and buddies to consider other choices. This was the hospitality concierge's first complain. We hope the manager will take the feed-back onboard and rectify it or take the additional steps and provide all those who have taken the opportunity to give some kind of free quote for the discomforts they call first-class services.

Magnificent attention-grabbing personnel, plenty of good fun every single working days, children's fun and games, tasty buffet and fantastic vistas and sundowns! Yeah, the swimming pools were great, the hotels were beautiful with all those palms, but it was the folks who made this journey remember. Scream to the beautiful folks who make this place!

Talei, Keshia and Sai in eating and drinking! All in all, the location is very beautiful and breathtaking. Since you are on the island, I think that the activities must be told to the visitors and how it works, this also applies to the restaurant. It is the same for lunches and dinners and does not vary during the weeks, so you can get over the meal quickly.

Thought it was a little expensive and since your on an island its a little tougher to get out into the city. Thought it was a great deal. swimming up pole needed to be selling non-alcoholic beverages since we had to go to 2 other bars to get a pseudo dick. We remained 7 overnight and that was a little too long would be splitting with another place next case.

Quality of services!!!!!! Employee services are always pleasant.

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