Nagigia Island Fiji

Fiji Island Nagigia

It is one of the most beautiful islands you will ever visit, with world-class private surf breaks (right and left and tow-in-bombie). Out of the airport on Nagigia Island, Fiji. Sea, boat, Fiji, island, ocean. Day-to-day updated King Kong Left, Nagigia Island surf report with live HD cam stream. Newest tweets from Naninya Fiji (@NaninyaFiji).


The NAGIGIA Privat Island Beach Club - Kadavu, Nagigia Overall assessment of the guests: The South Pacific Ocean has over 300 archipels and islets, the two most important being Viti and Vanua Leva, both of which are of igneous origin and with several summits of more than 3000ft. An atoll that forms the external island has become a dream like island windsurf destination with its own privately owned windsurf site, protected lagoon and scenic old-fashioned waterfront shelters.

Every day, our yachts take you to world-class rests for some unforgettable surfs. When you return to the retreat, you will be able to experience the real windsurfing experience while enjoying a few beverages before a lovely evening meal and a good night's rest, which will be soaked up by the waves over the near shore. 26-acre island and windsurf resorts in a protected bay just off the SW shore of the island of Kadavu.

Island walks and protected lagoons with world-class snorkeling. There are ten privately owned cottages above the waters. This is a rustic wood cottage with a view of the lake, the ocean or the breakwaters. High quality residential windsurf break with predominant off-shore wind. The pauses are reached by ferry from the village, where there is a viewing point where you can observe what is happening.

This island is filled with a full range of sea currents (right, left and drag on the outside wall, which bends almost 270ยบ, absorbing winds and swells from many different angles. The two pauses are overshadowed by the King Kong hill on the neighboring island of Kadavu, called after the 1935 film.

Others are Middle Daku, a 60m riff breaking from a sandstrand, and Beginner Daku, a soft sand breaking, perfect for newcomers. Once known as the Cannibal Islands, this South Pacific is now one of Oceania's most visited destinations.

Initially populated by the Polynesians and later colonized by the British, the Fiji Isles were put on the menu by Captain William Blight, the famous "Mutiny on the Bounty". There are over 300 archipelagos and islets, the two most important being Viti and Vanua Leva, both of which are of vulcanic origin and with several summits over 3000ft.

Raining period from January to March, but the island has little rain.

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