Nadi to Yasawa Ferry

adi to Yasawa Ferry

In July my husband and I are in Fiji and want to start in the Yasawas. When your flight is on time, there should be no problem, as you can usually quickly pass the Nadi Customs. Are there any discounts to pre-book or book the Yasawa Island boat transfer when we arrive in Nadi? Free transfers are also available from all hotels in the Nadi region operated by Awesome Adventures. Airlines offering seaplane transfers directly from Nadi Airport to the resort's beach.

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Fiji Awesome Adventures offers fast ferry crossings between the major Fiji islands and Yasawa & Mamanuca Iceland Sites. Awesome Adventures Fiji Transfert Services uses the famous Yasawa Flyer, the most famous tourist ship, to get to and from the Yasawa Islands. Every mornings at 8:30 she leaves the Denarau Airport ferry port to jump between the small Mamanuca Islands Resort before setting off for the paradise Yasawa Islands to collect and take people there.

Our last stop is the Blue Lagoon Beaches resorts in the northern part, before the Yasawa flyer returns to the southern part of the island before returning to Denarau harbour at about 5:45 pm.

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I' m going to the Botaria resorts. I' ve learned that you can only reach Yasawa from Nadi by seaplane or canoe. Capturing the flier isn't really a choice we have a 2 year old and it would get angry after few hrs on the waters leaving taking the seaplane as the only option! now the seaplanes are poor value, but I'm pretty sure it's afew different operatives in Nadi my query is, does anyone know of any cheaper/affordable seaplane operative in Nadi Airport?

I don't think you can go to Botaira. This 3.5 hour cruise is very pleasant --- just give the little additional $$ to go to the air-conditioned "Captions Lounge" and if it were my 2 years old (a long while ago ), he would agree with the journey --- after all, it's on a "big boat" and there are islets where you stop, and folks get in and out of'The Boat' - so a little something to make them feel serene.

Captain's Lounge == free refreshments and refreshments = very good value for money. The Botaira is a lot of entertainment, personnel, value and last but not least great snorkeling. I' ve never been told about anyone who flies to Botaira, not sure if the cove is suited for airplane landing. This flyer is a big boot - 3 floors.

He arrived in Botaira at 11.45 am - after leaving Denarau at 8.30 am. So I suggest you go to a'camp' in the lower lounges, take a few books/toys and take a lot of walking, plenty of room for it, our grandkids like to climb the staircase to the uppers. Was there a way to Botaira next to the flier?

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