Discover Nacula holiday and discover the best time and places to visit. Nacula, a hilly volcanic island, is the third largest of the Yasawas. TripAdvisor at Nacula Island Hotels: Activities on Nacula Island, Yasawa Islands: Booking your flight to Nacula Island today!

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The Nacula is a rolling and vulcanic Yasawa archipelago in the Ba province of Fiji[1] and is the third and the second biggest in the area. The Blue Lagoon Beach Resort, Safe Landing, Oarsman Bay Lodge and Nabua Lodge are 4 different types of resort on the isle. The tourist industry is the most important revenue stream of the whole country.

The Nacula Islands has 4 towns, in decreasing order of magnitude; Nacula Town, Malakati Town, Naisisili Town and Navotua Town. Most of the islands beautiful sandy beach has cyan, gin-clear waters and is a favourite spot for snorkelling and caving.

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Nacula, a rolling volcano isle, is the third biggest of the Yasawas. Bareted with jagged mounds and gentle summits, its interior is lined with well-trodden trails that lead to towns and small bays. A two- to three-hour walk above Nabua Lodge offers a 360-degree panoramic tour of the isles.

On Nacula there are four towns, among them Nacula, the home of Ratu Epeli Vuetibau Bogileka, the head of Nacula Toikina. This group of towns comprises the Nacula, Tavewa, Nanuya Levu, Nanuya Lailai and Matacawalevu Isles and is home to some 3500 population. Attending a Sunday worship in one of the towns is a true delicacy; most resort organize free transportation for their visitors.

There are some of the most beautiful in Fiji, especially in Long Beach.

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