Most Natural Hawaiian Island

The most natural Hawaiian island

Kauai is my favorite because of its abundance, its lack of development and its incredible natural beauty. Magnificent resorts, golf, extensive beaches and natural and diverse beauty. This is the most climatically and geographically diverse island. What island should I choose for my Hawaii vacation? One of Kauai's most beautiful beaches, this beach is sure to make your camera work without batteries.

The best Hawaiian islands: This is how to select the island for your holidays

A series of luxuriant vulcanic isles with magnificent sandy shores and craggy landscapes are the play area in the Pacific Ocean of the USA. Honolulu, the country's capitol and home to more than a third of the island's people, can be as nostalgic as you like, but elsewhere the island is a wild, natural place with a relaxed and Polyynesian atmosphere.

As each of the seven major isles has its own unique personality, it is best to jump between a few to make the most of a sojourn. In Honolulu itself, a spectacular location on the extinguished Diamond Head vulcano, has great dining and nightlife, grand accommodation and plenty of variety - such as the beautiful Bishop's Museum of Culture and the Iolani Palace - a former imperial palace of the tragic and damned Hawaiian Empire.

Waikiki Beach is known for its hedgeonism, the carousels of cocktails and the birth of surfing today. This island is full of places of interest. Explore the battleship USS Missouri and the moving monument hovering over the USS Arizona, which sunk with the bereavement of over 1200 people.

Only a few kilometers from Honolulu lies the round Hanuama Bay - actually a collapsing craters - but with protected shoals that are perfectly suited for snorkeling. The Polynesian Cultural Centre in the North is a "living museum" that unveils the culture of all Pacific island countries through demonstration and music. The North Shore of the island then surfs in wetlands where some of the world's most popular surfboards are challenging people and boards - like Pipeline, Sunset Beach and Chun's Red.

Confusing Hawaii, but localy known as "Big Island" because you could pass the other island twice, it' s a natural place with volcanos spitting volcanos, foggy rain forests, deserts and even a snow-capped hill. Volcano National Park is the culmination of the 18km Crater Rim Drive around Kilauea, the most vibrant of the five volcanos that have merged into Big Island.

Other places include the pitch-black sandy beach of Punaluu Beach, the Holualoa coffeeplantations and the historical Parker Ranch - a wonderful ranch established in 1847. ITEM 6: Which Hawaiian island is right for you? It is often used in South Pacific, The Time Machine, Lord of the Flies and all Jurassic Park film.

Sundowns are majestic and riding is a dream, but a flight by airplane is the most breathtaking view. In Maui, the speed of living is slowing down, with small cities, lonely sandy shores and a dramatically beautiful landscape. From Haleakala Crater to Hana, take the picturesque street past cascades and jungles. Perhaps you will spend the night in Kaanapali, where there is a beautiful sandy shore and several luxurious resorts, and drive a few kilometers further southwards to Lahaina, a lovely town with half-timbered buildings and excellent cuisine.

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