Moorea Society Islands

The Moorea Society Islands

Societal Islands consist of a group of high tropical islands, including Tahiti, Moorea and the famous Bora Bora. Subscribe to newsletters and offers from the islands of Tahiti and our partners. The Bounty of Nature Monument Perhaps the only thing more beautiful than the incomparable view from Mooreas lookout Belvédère, Moorea itself. In Moorea, couples who are looking for an island escape will find an oasis of romance with spectacular natural beauty. The French Polynesian Society Islands (mainly Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora, Raiatea and Taha'a) attract the majority of visitors to the region.

Society Islands - Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea

The Society Islands are the country's most favourite places near Papeete Int'lArport. Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora, Raiatea, Taha'a and Huahine provide an incredible selection of exquisite luxuries and breathtaking outdoor beauties. Tahiti is a jumping-off point for most people. Set off to the 70-mile coastline rocks, secluded sandy shores and high creeks.

Activities in Tahiti: A snorkelling and scuba-dive paradise. On the next Tahitian islands, in the summer you can see cetaceans on a special cross. Activities in Moorea: Perfect in the paradise of islands. Romance travellers around the globe to see the blue/green Laguna and the sandy beach under dramatically Otemanu Mountain.

Great activities in Bora Bora: Raiatea, the second biggest isle of the land, is the spiritual centre of the southpacific. It once started Polish journeys to colonise faraway countries (such as New Zealand). It is now home to some of the best-preserved temples of Marae or assembly halls.

First-class activities in Raiatea: Only reachable by sea, this lovely little isle is producing 80% of all custard in Polynesia. There are many coves in the Laguna with abandoned motu, ideal for picnic. Things to do in Taha'a: Huahine consists of two islands and a huge Laguna and is a lush green area.

HUHAINE provides more of an immersive Polyynesian immersion. It is home to one of the best archives of pre-European temples of stones, the Maraes, or assembly complex. Activities in Huahine:

Panoramic view of Eimeo[Moorea], Society Islands

DescriptionNo. 16 in Fanshawe's Pacific Albums, 1849 - 52. The name Eimeo is one of the 18th and nineteenth centuries occidental scripts that bears the former name of the former Moorea in the Windward Group of Society Islands. Its boat,'Daphne', is located on the lefthand side of the reef's muzzle.

Daphne " came on 26 August and went on the night of 27 August, after fanshave been inshore. A fanshave[1904] p. 199).

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