Monument National

National Monument

There was a meeting room in Monument National for our group and the room was spacious, high ceilings, beautiful woodwork. Monument-National's latest tweets (@MonuNat). Discover the distinctive landmark of the National Trust, the Wellington Monument, on the edge of Blackdown Hills in Somerset. Booking your Monument National, Montreal apartments online. Lieu historique national du Canada du Monument national du Canada.

The National Monument

In Jakarta, the most important Sudirmanhamrin alleys take you to Merdeka Square, the centre of which is the National Monument (also called Monas or Monumen Nasional), which is home to the first red-and-white banner flying during the declaration of independence on 17 August 1945. It has now become flimsy, and so the flags are taken out today for the Independence Day ceremony, but only to follow the replicas flying in front of the Merdeka Palace.

This 137-metre high National Monument has the shape of an obelisk and is covered with a 14.5-metre high bronce light with 32 kg of goldfil. Today the monument is surrounded by a garden with a music well, which the Jakarta audience enjoys on Sunday for sport and relaxation. The Merdeka Square is the centre of the most important administrative complex.

It was the centre of power during the Netherlands colonisation, known as Koningsplein or King's Square. On the northern side is the Merdeka Palace, once the home of the Governors General of the Netherlands, which now accommodates the President's and Cabinet's offices.

The National Monument

A national monument The imposing statue symbolizes the union of Geneva with Switzerland in 1814. The reunion of Geneva with Switzerland is represented by two ladies in bronce. National Monument is situated in Jardin Anglais, opposite the sea. In this work, the sculptress Robert Dorer symbolized Genf's incorporation into the Swiss Confederation on 12 September 1814 with two wives, each bearing a saber and a sign, the Republic of Geneva and the Helvetia.

Pridefully situated on their pedestals, both look northwards towards the remainder of Switzerland.

The National (

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