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Bay of Montego

Unwind and enjoy the beautiful white sandy beaches of Montego Bay, Jamaica. The second-largest city in Jamaica, a member of the British Commonwealth, Montego Bay is commonly referred to as MoBay. Discover the holidays in Montego Bay and discover the best time and places to visit. Montego Bay, Jamaica is a great destination with turquoise waves on white beaches, the best shopping in the Caribbean and a rough "hip strip". Montego Bay, with its own international airport, is ideal for those who only need a short stay.

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Montenegro Bay is the main town of the St. James Rectory and is also Jamaica's only other official registered town, known as The Second Town or better known as MoBay in the native language and sometimes Bay by the natives. After Kingston, Spanish Town and Portmore, however, the town is the world' s 4th biggest metropolitan area with over half a million inhabitants.

Montego Bay is the second biggest English-speaking Caribbean town after Kingston. Montego Bay is said to have been named after the falsification of the Español term Mantecas ("lard"), supposedly because during the time of Spain it was the harbour to which the export of schmaltz, leathers and veal was made.

Jamaica was a Spanish settlement from 1511 to 1655, when Oliver Cromwell's Carribean exploration, Western Design, expelled the Spanish from the Isle. Montego Bay was the scene of the island's last great slavery uprising, the Christmas Uprising or Baptist War (1831-1832); the rebellion chief, Samuel Sharpe, was hung there in 1832.

Sharpe was named Jamaica's nationwide heroe in 1975, and the city's central plaza was re-named in his name. Today Montego Bay is known for its large Cornwall Rhospital, harbour complexes, second residences for many Kingston Jamaicans as well as North Americans and Europeans, good dining and supermarket.

Montego Bay's coast is populated by a number of touristic sites, most of them new, some on the site of old sugar cane orchards with some of the pristine structures and mills that are still intact. There are also large ethnical minorities in the town, such as the East Indians and Chinese, who lived in the middle to end of the nineteenth cent.

China plays an important part in the city's economic development, especially in retailing, where downtown Montego Bay is home to many stores and super markets for migrants. Also the East Indians are important because they run many souvenir and jewellery stores in the town.

There' s also a minorities of Europeans, some from Germany (the town is 90 minutes by car from places like Westmoreland's Teutonic town) and Great Britain (who have owned most of the country in the town since the time of the slavery).

It is also home to many Spanish and Spanish migrants, such as Mexico, Cuba and Spain, as well as many French, Russians and Italians (most of whom own houses or beach land in the area). Because of the strong impact of tourism and BPO, the town is also home to many Americans and Canadians who work either in tourism or BPO.

The town has a large number of Christians in town. It also has a unity of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It also has Buddhist, Hindus and Muslim societies. Jamaica's economic development revolves around Montego Bay. It has the largest share in the country's tourist industry.

The majority of tourists come and go from the airport or port of Montego Bay. Numerous multinational corporations have hotels in the town, such as Hyatt, Hilton Hotels, Holiday Inn, RIU Hotels, Royalton and Iberostar. It is home to the head office of the Sandal Group. Recently, the government of Jamaica, through the Ministry of Tourism, has started to concentrate on strengthening the city's hospitality and recreational facilities.

Although the city's main airfield has a number of multinational networks such as Aunt Annie's, Quiznos, Nathan's, Dairy Queen, to name but a few, the town itself has no accessio... With this new emphasis, the town became home to a new Hard Rock Café and in November 2017 to Starbucks' first site on Doctor's Cave Beach in Jamaica.

5 ][6][7] The town is also the headquarters for Starbucks' activities in Jamaica. It is also home to a flourishing BPO industry. It has call centers serving many Fortune 500 corporations such as Delta, Amazon, Netflix and many others. Vistaprint has also set up its only call center in Montego Bay, right in the city's up-and-coming technology area.

While most of the city's businesses are located in the inner cities, CBD has recently started to move to the Fairview/Bogue area, where the Fairview Towntown Center is located, five minutes from Montego Freezone, the city's BPO area. It is also very important for the municipality, as it is home to Digicel's West Jamaica office and many audit, legal and assurance companies.

Downtown is still expanding at a fast rate and will soon be home to more shops, some of them only in Montego Bay. It is home to many banks including Scotiabank, FCIB, National Commercial Bank, Jamaica National Commercial Bank (JN Bank) and many others. It also has bureaus for many accounting companies such as KPMG and PwC.

There are many healthcare facilities in the town, including the Cornwall Regional Hospitaller and the recently opened hospit, a Spanish privately run clinic in Rose Hall. You can find educational opportunities in the town from the Pre-K to the Tertiary. There are many pre-schools and primary schools in the town. In addition, there are many primary and preparatory schools in the town.

Secondary Education is also in the town, from which the Montego Bay High school for girls, Mount Alvernia High school - a Roman Catholic high School for girls that bears the same emblem, slogan and similar uniforms as the Nursing College of Immaculate Conception High High School in Kingston, Herbert Morrison Technical College and the oldest in town, Cornwall College.

In particular, the University of West Indies (UWI) - Western Jamaica Campus, The University of Technology (UTECH) Montego Bay Campus, Sam Sharpe Teachers' College (SSTC) and Montego Bay Community College (MBCC) are urban tertiaries. The majority of the city's universities are registered. It was the crossroads of the former Jamaica Air Transport.

The company also had its bookings, the Western Jamaica Sales & Ticketing Bureau, and its holiday department in the capital until they were purchased by Caribbean Airlines in 2011 when they relocated their bureaus to Kingston. FLOW offers permanent speech and wideband service in Montego Bay. The FLOW uses a hybrid fiber and coaxial networks to deliver up to 100 Mbps of full bandwidth via VoIP, POTS, IPTV as well as CATV.

The FLOW also uses a cooper circuit to deliver up to 12 Mbps speed point of delivery (POTS) and Dial-up Digital Subscriber Service (ADSL). It is currently being updated to support VDSL 2, enabling rates of over 50 Mbps over legacy cabling and a migratory route for the service providers to Fibre to the Home.

The FLOW also has a fiber optics net near Rhyne Park, which also delivers up to 100 Mbps. Some other small cabling operators, such as Cornwall Communications, provide cabling and speech over their cabling networks, but they are in no way comparable to FLOW in terms of subscribers.

Montego Bay's wireless speech and wireless access network is being managed by the two established companies FLOW & Digicel. Each carrier provides GSM, EDI, 3G HSPA & HSPA+ communications in and around the town. FLOW HSPA+ currently provides up to 21 Mbps at 850 Mbps and 1900 Mbps at up to 21 Mbps.

LTE is also available from FLOW in Montego Bay. It is currently the only airline to offer full LTE cover within the town. The cover also covers the neighbouring countryside around Montego Bay such as Liliput in the south and Hopewell (in the municipality of Hanover) in the south.

18 ] Operators can use rates of up to 150 Mbps down and 50 Mbps up. FLOW enthusiasts in some areas of the country can use LTE Advanced at up to 225 Mbps, making Montego Bay the only town in Jamaica that has it.

Digicel, Jamaica's largest wireless communications system, also provides 21 Mbps HSPA+, but also DC-HSDPA (commonly known as DC-HSPA+), enabling a speed of up to 42 Mbps on a coupled 850-megahertz ( "MHz") bandwidth. Digicel's Digicel Local TEwork is also available in Montego Bay as it provides an island-wide local telecom service offered by the town.

In theory, the HARTING LAN is able to reach velocities of up to 75 Mbit/s on 10 Mhz in the band 17-domain. It was the theme of Bobby Bloom's eponymous 1970 album, which became a top ten success in the United States for Bloom.

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