Monaco Luxury Casinos, Restaurants, Spas, Accommodations in Monaco Explore the cutting-edge kitchen created by chef Marcel Ravin on his journeys, in a relaxed, stylish ambience with stunning ocean and garden vistas. The Buddha Bar is the ideal place to relax, just around the corner from the bustling Place du Casino, with amber-coloured light, a Zen posture, compilation songs of world-famous quality.

It is open all year round from breakfasts until the end of the day, and has a large selection of beverages and delicious coctails for those who want to savour the glamour of Monte-Carlo. It is a place with Latino food and the solemn Monaco atmosphere. In this new Riviera style of dining, you will find top-notch, modern food based on the Riviera's traditional cuisines.

L'Orange Verte provides a tasty and easy kitchen at any hour of the year. La Pizzeria, the new Monte Carlo beach pizzeria that takes you on a gastronomic itinerary. Savour a wonderful Mediterranean panorama, scenic surroundings, 100% natural foods and much more! Here you can hold your representative reception all year round and dine on the patio overlooking the Place du Casino in hot summers.

It is a seasonal café with a southern patio between the ocean and the lake. Our chef will prepare an original and modern kitchen in a relaxed atmosphere. Situated on the 8th storey, this is a new version of Mediterranean gastronomy. Overlooking the Côte d'Azur, the sunroof glides back in summers.

Re-interpret a kitchen built on essence and simplification, with a delicate, harmonic equilibrium between traditional, evolved and modern. Amid the vibrant ambience of the US playrooms, this place serves specialities of the day and a large selection of soups and noodles that you can combine as you wish.

Tradicional Italien kitchen. Situated at the entrances to the amusement arcades with a view of the Place du Casino, the furnishing reproduces in every detail a dining-room dormitory from the Belle Epoque era.

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