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The Papohaku Beach Popohaku Beach (also known as Three Mile Beach) and explore three nautical leagues of smooth sandy beach at the western end of Molokai. Hawaii has one of the biggest sandy whitewater sandy beach, about 100 meters in width, with lots of room to expand and relax in the "Friendly Island" atmosphere. There is enough room to have a nice look at Oahu.

Above the Kaiwi Canal, just behind Leahi (Diamond Head), lies Waikiki, which actually took Papohaku sands years ago to help construct its own canals. Adhere to all security labels on the beaches.

Timeeless Topix #103 - The Adventures of Damien von Molokai (Issue)

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What is the best way to get to Molokai Court and Wiki Wiki Lane in Estero by coach?

Travelling to Molokai Court and Wiki Wiki Lane in Estero has never been easier. Moovit provides you with a comprehensive step-by-step guide when travelling from your present position or from a top tourist destination or one of the large local transport companies. See in-depth itineraries on a single card, see timetables for buses, trains, arrivals and services warnings so you know exactly how to get to Molokai Court and Wiki Wiki Lane.

If you are travelling to Molokai Court and Wiki Wiki Lane, use Moovits with Get Off Notifications to know exactly where and how far you need to go, how long you need to stay on your line and how many stations are still available. When it' safe to get out, Moovit warns you - you don't need to keep checking if it is the next station.

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