Molokai what to do

The Molokai what to do

The Molokai Holiday Ideas: Use the less frequented road While a Molokai holiday programme may not be as much fun as it is for Oahu, Maui or Kauai, that's exactly why you should consider a holiday on this less travelled holiday destination. Well-known as the "friendly island", Molokai has only 7,000 inhabitants....

and it is often called the true Hawaii by some...

Hawaiians also have half the Molokai people, unlike the other island communities which have a diverse nationalities. Inhabitants of the island are like one big folk on Molokai and have preserved their tradition and value. It has no stoplights or shopping centres Molokai, only stunning sands. All buildings are only as high as a big flower and there is only one city.

Please note that when you reach Molokai you have to stay on the "island time", as there is no other period. The best way to get there is an organised trip, like the Molokai Guided Alii trip. From Lahaina harbour in Maui, the trip starts and leaves by boat for the islet.

If you come by ferry to Molokai, you will see the beautiful whitish sand beach, some of the world's highest marine rocks and some of the most beautiful rainforest. Then you will be privileged to take a guided trip to the Kalaupapa See Cliff Lookout (the former leprosy colony), Purdy's Macadamia Nut Farm, Coffees of Hawaii and some old Hawaiian religious places.

The Molokai trip ends and we return to Maui the same evening. Molokai is also home to the longest fringe of the USA if you want to prolong your sojourn. Molokai sundowns are probably the best in Hawaii. The Molokai is hazardous for most of the year.

Don't miss Friday evening at Hotel Molokai. Mr. Purdy runs a frequent music meeting that is one of a kind on the Isle - also remember that a trip to Purdy's Macadamia Nut Farm is part of the above itinerary. As with the remainder of Hawaii, humpbacks can be seen from the Isles between December and April.

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