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Webcams, Rynways and airport information for Molokai Airport. Forecasts, general climate information, average temperature and precipitation, current weather, forecast and sunrise and sunset times. The data of this station come from the National Weather Service (NWS). The time shown is based on Molokai Airport, HI local time. Forecast and weather for Molokai, HI, United States.

Forecast & Reports - Long Range & Local

Mary's force corresponds to a Category 4 storm. The tropic windstorm Chris should intensify and send waves and current towards the middle Atlantic. The rescue continues as it rains endanger the surgery. Beryl's remains are dropping precipitation on Puerto Rico, and the wind gale could resurface near the Bahamas by the end of this sunday.

Weather for weddings - Molokai Message Board

Last March our boy and our daughter-in-law came here and got remarried on the shore at sunset..........absolutely well! WOMAN: And don't believe what you see on the weather... local News recorded on Oahu said Friday evening that we should get rains and strong breezes this whole weekend.........well, not here on Molokai!

Though we had strong wind on Saturday and today, it was light and sunshiny, so don't worries. Again, you have a marvellous marriage and holiday..... secure journey to you too!

Molokai weather radars momentarily switched off by corrosivity

The weather service says that the weather station is not available from Monday to 23 September. From a technical point of view, the Molokai Weather Surveillance is known as the Molokai Weather Surveillance Radar-88 Doppler. Whilst the radars themselves are in order, the support construction has to be changed due to heavy-corroding. WSR-88D is situated on a mountain crest in West Molokai and has a 125-mile reach that encompasses Oahu and Maui County.

It extends to the Kauai Canal and the districts of Kohala and North Kona on the Grand Island of Hawaii. Mike Cantin, Honolulu Weather Service's weather coordinator, said that Molokai radars began to be built in 1994 and were finished in 1997.

There' re three more Hawaiian radars: One' on Kauai, maybe covering some West Oahu. Predicts said the failure means there will likely be little or no radars for Oahu and much of Maui County. Weather services also said it was not good to shut down the radars during the storms, but it would be much more serious if the turret and support construction were to collapse and damage or destroy the radars themselves.

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