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This market place is one of the most important tourist attractions here. The Molokai facts, island data and maps; Virtual Island Tour A spectacular island tour with great photos, Molokai history, events and Kalaupapa information.

Mlokai travel guide and tourist information: Mlokai, Hawaii

Molokai is the place to be if you are looking for a restful vacation, a slow rhythm of living and the flavour of Hawaii. The Molokai is a little off the Hawaii tourist route and that really is an essential part of its allure.

Year-round, the beach is calm and often quite empty, while the small resort is just as charming and inviting and a number of excellent walking paths are never too far away. The more remote north coast is home to some of the highest ocean crags in the world, between Halawa and Kalaupapa, while the capital is Kaunakakai, which has remained relatively untouched by the relatively young tourist interest.

The best place to find tourist information about Molokai is Kaunakakakai, and the city's most important shops and hotel are on Ala Malama Street. Halawa Valley is a particularly nice part of Molokai and is situated in the southern part, along a picturesque coast street, surrounded by many of Hawaii's most picturesque countryside and shores.

Such a long and lovely stretch of coast will keep you close to Molokai until you come across some truly magnificent, often exactly as you would imagine, shaded by the mid-day rays of large palms. Molokai is also the only barrier of its kind in Hawaii, where divers often dove.

Further information about Molokai tourist attractions and Molokai beaches. Kamakou is the highest peak on the Kamakou Islands and a good place to hike for a whole night. The Molokai Harbor is another memorial symbol, a vibrant area with a veritable buzzing in the sky and a beautiful place to surrender to serious spectators.

To do something completely different, you' ll be visiting the ruins of Kamehameha V Sommerhaus, once a magnificent place for kings of Hawaii. All about Molokai Landmarks and Monuments. Molokai has only a few different musea which give informative information about the cultural, historical and past activities of the island's Zuckerindustrie, which is presented in the RW Meyer factory in Kaunakakai.

When you visit the mill, take your free moment to visit the exhibitions in the neighbouring Molokai Museum and Cultural Centre. A number of good galeries are also available if you want to buy some genuine works of artwork for a vacation gift, both the Plantation Gallery in Maunaloa and the Kamakana Gallery in Kaunakakakai are important.

Further information about Molokai Museums and Molokai Art Galleries. The Molokai has a very centric location within the Howaiian Islands, which means that many visitors enjoy part of their vacation season with jumping. Lanai, Maui and the big Isle of Hawaii all are in the southern part, while Oahu is in the northwest and houses some of the most beautiful places, the town of Honolulu and the stunning Waikiki seaside resorts, where you can bathe in the sun and windsurf all year.

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