Molokai Island Map

Map of Molokai Island

You can use this relief map to navigate to tidal stations, surf breaks and cities around Pukoo Harbor, Molokai Island, Hawaii. These are some of the most requested historical maps of the main islands of Hawai?i Molokai Island, Maui's sister island, is refreshingly undeveloped. The age of three of the islands is given to the students: Large island of Hawaii Topographic map of USGS.

The ESI-HI58 Molokai East, Molokai Island, Hawaii 2001 (Environmental Sensitivity Index Map)

ESI cards (Environmental Sensibility Index) are an integrated part of the design and evaluation of accidents involving oils. The ESI map contains three kinds of information: coastal habitat (classified by susceptibility to oiling), fragile biologic resource and people. This information is usually displayed on 7.5-minute USGS quadrants, although the Alaska ESI map uses 1:63,360 and 1:250,000 scale topographical mapping and other ESI map uses NAAA map as the basemap.

Compilations of these charts, grouped by state or geographical area, are released as ESI-atlas. Use Access Restrictions: PLEASE DO NOT USE ESI IMAGES FOR NAVIGATION REASONS. Similarly, the information included in the map cannot be used in place of consultation with authorities for the environment, national resources and culture resources or in place of carrying out studies in the area.

Recognise that the information on the ESI charts is known concentrations or deposits of naturally occurring, cultured and man-made sources, but not necessarily the total dispersal or reach of any type or source. The NOAA guarantees the supply of this device in computer-readable form and offers a substitute copy of the device if the device is illegible through computer peripheral devices or if the device is supplied in a defective state.

Kawakakakai (Molokai Island, Hawaii) Ferry Timetable

Katakakakakai Harbor is a marina on Molokai Island (Hawaii USA) and with about 3,500 inhabitants the biggest city of the island. The island of Molokai measures 61 x 16 km (38 x 10 ml). Kaunakakakai Harbor ferryboats sail to private Lanai Island, which moors at the Manele Bay jetty. Recent overhauls of the terminals involved the replacement of the old pillars, foundations, building renovation, the installation of new water and sewage pipes and the extension and renovation of all areas of a hospital.

The island of Molokai is known for its pine apple cultivation, livestock breeding and tourist attractions. The Molokai Ranch (owned by Singaporean Guoco Leisure Ltd.) was also a property development firm that built properties and tourist facilities on the island. After civilian protest and allegations of illicit activity, the firm shut down all its resorts (hotels, dining, prime course, cinema) in 2008.

Molokai Ranch sold its whole island site (55575 acre / 225 sq km or 35% of the island) for $260 million in September 2017. Cruisers moor at the Kaunakakakakai Harbour Ferry Terminal on the south shore of Molokai Island. It has a 580 metre long shipyard that extends into the harbour and is the longest jetty in Hawaii.

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