Molokai Island Hawaii Hotels

The Molokai Island Hawaii Hotels

Don't miss the great hotels near Kalaupapa National Historical Park and Ironwood Hills Golf Club. The hotel is the ideal setting for an authentic Hawaiian island experience and the perfect place to explore Molokai, where natural beauty is amazing. The state of Hawaii consists of eight islands. The Molokai rainforests are a must for nature-loving travellers. Bay, or a cocktail in the bar by the sea in the Tiki style of Hotel Molokai.

Whole Hawaii Lodging

I would have been very conflicting if I had been out every single morning exploring extraordinary Hawaiian vacations while I would have spent my evenings in main-stream hotel hotels that would have appeared on every sandstrand or next to every one of the world's palms. Whether large or small, historical or contemporary, the accommodations listed below are exceptional, each with its own unique character!

This includes advice for several holiday apartments, an optional extra, especially when travelling with a small group of grown-ups, relatives or parents. This is a selection of my own findings and I encourage the reader to check out the Hawaii Ecotourism Association, www.hawaiiecotourism. org website for further alternate shelter.

For direct access to the lodging description for each island, click on Oahu, Big Island[Hawaii], Maui, Kauai, Molokai and Lanai. To Molokai and Lanai a warm welcome to their first ever accomodation offers. It is no wonder that it is registered in the National Register of Historical Places. Theresa Wery, the proprietor and hostess, has renovated a historical jewel of a home and gardens that offers a comfortable invitation to a past period of edwardian charm and polishing, both in the striking bedrooms and in the common areas of the home. www.manoavalleyinn. com or Telefon (808) 947-6019.

The Shipman House Bed & Breakfast Inn has been carefully renovated by Barbara Andersen, a fifth-generation member of the Shipman House team. It is a classical villa from Hilo's time. When you are there on a Wednesday, the villa's large porch offers your typical tiki classes. www.hilo-hawaii. com or telephone 1-800-627-8447 or (808) 934-8002.

Tropical Hideaway is a tropical gardens recreation, about half an hour's car ride from Kona International Airport near the Place of Refuge National Park. This self-contained house is truly an authentic one in a luxuriant landscape with over 200 species of tree and plant, an outside showers and a lavatory and a bed over a piece of dark cava.

While the studiosuite in the head office is less striking in terms of styling, it is just as comfortable. Catherine Carr is your friendly host, or telephone (808) 328-2162. The Volcano Village Vacation Rentals offer an astonishing catalog of self-catering homes and double accommodation in a luxuriant rainforest landscape, just a few walking blocks from the dramatic rugged scenery of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

It is a cool part of the Big Island at 3,500 foot height with much to see and do, so plan to stay and savor the town and its outdoors. For some of the best holiday homes in the area at great rates, please call Bea Arnapole at or call (808) 967-8617.

The Volcano Gallery's complete web index is a one-stop information portal about the area and a real declaration of affection that shows what is new and different on Bea's adopted island. The Volcano Regenforest Retreat and B&B define ultimative private sphere with its characteristic guesthouses, which are located under the roof of a local rain forest near Volcano Village.

Homestay providers, Peter and Kathleen Golden, also provide various time of year holiday spa and spa packs for those who wish to feed themselves through massages, energetic recovery, relational counselling, face-to-face development clinics and led spirtual retreats. www.vulcanoretreat. com/ or telephone 1-800-550-8696 or (808) 985-8696. Owner, Johnsie Sumner, provides a basic, cozy lodging with a long name: Accessible Hawaii on the Pomaika'i "Lucky" Farms B&B.

A number of rooms are in the backyard and others in the central building; savoury country breakfast with many home-made specialities. Johnsie's expertise in the area and his interest in assisting the visitor to explore it are definitive rewards. or call (808) 328-2112. Kilauea Lodge was bought in 1986 and fully refurbished by the prestigious French head chef Albert Jeyte and his family Lorna and is perfectly situated in Volcano Village, one kilometer from Volcanoes National Park.

Initially a 1938 YMCA campsite, dormitories were converted into 14 one-of-a-kind rooms and cabins with traditional rural house interiors and en-suite facilities. Also if you stay somewhere else, a dinner is a must in the historical lunch and dinner place with its huge fireplace of friendship. or call (808) 967-7366.

MauiKa' anapali Beach Hotell on the western bank of Maui is difficult to describe, but it' s definitely a worthwhile one. Whilst the look and amenities are those of a large major principal venue, the ambience is unique in Hawaii with a personnel at every stage of senior executive leadership whose proud of their place of work and a pronounced feeling of hawaiian hospitality must be felt to appreciate why this real estate is referred to as Hawaii's most hwaiian hotels.

Have a look at our featured illustration that explains this characteristic and its success story. www.kbhmaui. com or call 1-800-262-8450 or (808) 661-0011. The Old Wailuku Inn is situated in Ulupono in the centre of Maui and is the ideal starting point for exploring the island's vineyards and other agrotourism gems without an hour-long drive from the island's central sands.

It' a graceful 1920s home with seven large, chilly rooms, some in the old one and others in a new one. Inside the historical home and in the beautiful Tropic Gardens there is a lot of common room with Hawaiian furniture.

Personal and alert hosts from the island, Tom and Janice Fairbanks, sharing their understanding of indigenous cultures and giving you the feeling of being Ohana (family), offer a rich culinary breakfast that captures the Hawaii of the past while spoiling the guest on a large scale. www.oldwailukuinn. com Telephone 1-800-305-4899 or (808) 244-5897. The Hale Ho`okipa Inn, constructed in 1924 by a Portugese immigration group of 13 kids, is a historical hawaiian farmhouse registered in both Hawaii State and the National History Register.

The hotel is situated in the city of Makawao inland "Hawaiian Roudeo Encounters New Age" and is near the Haleakala Vulcano and its natural area. Beautifully renovated by the owners and owners Cherie Attix, or telephone 1-877-572-6698 or (808) 572-6698.

Strategically situated at the gate to Waimea Canyon[Hawaii's Grand Canyon] and Kauai's stunning Napali Coast, Waimea Station Cottage is surrounded by a centuries-old coir that surrounds a classical sandy shore that invites you to stroll. Over 50 historical workers' houses on the estate have been meticulously renovated to reflect the spirits and realities of the times and offer a complete array of contemporary self-catering comforts.

Call the Coast Hotels Waimea Plantation or 1-800-716-6199 or (808) 338-1625. In the Molokai style of a Polish town from a period when outriggers were the only transport among the islands of Hawaii, Molokai Park provides large and comfortable bungalow and suite by the beach and in the gardens, many with self-catering kitchen. It' the only full-service hotelier on the island, with swimming pools, bars and restaurants overlooking the ocean, travel reservations and a licensed spas centre.

Hula Shores is a water front place overlooking the neighbouring island of Lanai and is the ideal setting for some really excellent menus, among them my favourite coir nut shrimps, which are serve so tasty, crisp, freshly and freshly! When you have a memory of the Molokai Palace, which has unfortunately been abandoned and seriously run down, the good word is that it was recently bought and renovated by a new global team.

You' ll be amazed! or telephone (808) 553-5347. You will find the gorgeous Pu'u o Hoku Ranch Lodge and Cottages at 750 ft. altitude on a meandering highway encircled by juicy meadows, rainforest and hectares of certificated biotract. The LanaiHotel Lanai was constructed in 1923 by Jim Dole of Pinapple Glory to welcome celebrity visitors to the huge estates he had created on the island.

Completely refurbished and newly owned, all ten rooms have overhead ventilators, parquet flooring, historical plinth sink, quilted bedspreads and tens of genuine paintings from the old plantations to inspire visitors to immerse themselves in the island's extraordinary past. It is a real 10-room cottage with a chilly, curved porch to watch the outside view and a Lanai City Grille dining room that reflects Hawaii's best local food. www.hotellanai. com or toll-free telephone 1-800795-7211 or (808) 565-7211.

Dream's Come True is a recently refurbished estate in Lanai City (3,500 inhabitants). Guesthouses have at their disposal a well-equipped cuisine and a full orchard for the harvest. Passion fruits, mangoes, handmade fruits, vanilla, avocados and papayas are grown in this ripe orchard all year round. Lanai dwellers for 17 years, Susan and Michael Hunter are your hosting people in this four-room lodging in the middle of Cook Island pine trees at a convenient height of 1,600ft. to capture the sea breeze.

TryAdvisor ratings or call us free 1-800-566-6961 or (808) 565-6961. Locate many holiday apartments with just a few mouseclicks, with Hawaii holiday houses included. You' re welcome to click on the index of our own web magazine, Alternate Hawaii, to discover the rare selection of articles and resources dedicated to the many small group tour operator, spa tour operator, stunning birds, linguistic and culture riches of Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Big Island[Hawaii], Lanai and Molokai.

Free to research other tales about alternate Hwaiian holidays that are well adapted for older travellers, their family, and allies.

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