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Molokai and Maui real estate specialists. See fares and ticket offers for flights from Charles B. Wheeler Downtown (MKC) to Molokai, HI. I' ve seen Molokai twice (two consecutive days). Discover a range of Molokai Villas, Perdido Key holiday apartments, including condos, villas & more bookable online.

St. Damien de Veuster of Moloka'i.

Apartment #B-309, Molokai Ost Kaunakakai

Last update: 07-11-2018, on the basis of information from the Multiple Cataloging Service of HiCentral MLS, Ltd. List with kind permission of Friendly Isle Realty Inc. A number of offers on this page can be included on other REALTORS® websites. When you are interested in these proactive offers, our firm can act as your representative.

In case the proactive list you are interested in is the proactive list of our firm, you can talk to one of our representatives about your possibilities of agency. #B-309 is a condominium in the Wavecrest facility in Kaunakakakai, HI. At the Molokai East neighbourhood is a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom condominium.

The #B-309 is situated on level 3 and the state of the real estate is above averages. Neighbourhood is Molokai East and the full adress is 7146 Kamehameha V Hwy Einheit #B-309, Kaunakakakai, HI, 96748.

Chaos from a huge tidal stream, Molokai, Hawaii GSA Bulletin

There is a coral-basalt brecany conglomeration >60 metres above the present day surface and almost 2 km offshore from the present coast on the south-west side of the east Molokai volcano Molokai. Between the gorges the conglomeration is still intact and creates a 0.5 to 3 metre thick, ceiling-like bed. There is no indication of a wave-cut patio, either inside the ceiling or at its top or bottom exposition-points.

There were no corals found in growing positions. Unstacked lumps of Basaltic, which are as large as boulders, become square, random and range from 2-3 to >50 volume percent of the reservoir. Most of the large basaltic and reef remains show almost no systemic variations with height, range in the interior or side of the water.

There are two unclear rocks in some places, a lower carbonate-rich entity, which we interprete as "onwash facies" and an upper basalt-rich entity, an "offwash facies". Calcareous on-wash faces are dominant in biogenous deposits, especially fragmented corals, sea rocks, gastropods and molluscs.

Off-wash faces contain 40% to >90% beryllium blocks and basalts in a fine fractured biogenous fragment matrixc. In the absence of the pronounced Fazies, the share of basaltic lumps rises from the lower to the higher part of the agglomerate at one point and from the bottom upwards.

If the reservoir lies above a slag conical, several carbonate-containing flexible dykes reach from the conglomeration up to 10 meters deep into the basaltic slag. The reservoir was apparently deposited by a huge shaft that burst over an outreef similar to today's fringe and when a tumultuous hole penetrated shallowly over the backwater, absorbing a sludge of carbonate-rich boulders and deposited it on the interior hillsides as the shaft moved forward.

When it returned, the offwashed collected bulk basaltic waste. Considering the U-series dated fragment corals suggests that the aging of this reservoir is 240-200 ca, suggesting that the shaft is different from the one that a similar Lanai reservoir generated about 100 acres. The huge surge was most likely due to one of the many large underwater mudslides that have been detected on the lower sides of the large islands of Hawaii.

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