Micronesia Travel

Mikronesia Travel

Mikronesia is a country rich in tradition and one of the best kept secrets of Asia. a trustworthy and reliable travel insurance company. In order to get the most out of your Micronesian adventure trips, you need a itinerary that reflects the complexity of the region. The Micronesia travel guide with advice on sights and activities, maps, city guides and ideas for your holiday in Micronesia. POHNPEI, FEDERATED STATES OF MICRONESIA.

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A small Pacific Ocean archipelago covering over a million leagues! Yap, Chuuk and Pohnpei have some of the best conserved reinefs in the world. Micronesia and especially Kosrae explode on September 11th in a flood of Mardi Gras processions with wagons, dancing, singing, appearances and sports activities.

Micronesia can well be the wreck diving capitol of the whole wide globe with an army of ships from the Japanese Fourth Imperial Fleet. Only recently have the Yap Day been open to foreigners. Free accommodation for under 12s in their parents' room and use the bed linen provided.

Childrens under 12 years old live FREE in their parents' room and use the available bed linen. Booking now and kids under 12 years are free if you share the room with their family. With 607 Micronesian Isles distributed over one million km2 of the Pacific Ocean, it is one of the most pristine seaside resorts in the entire underworld.

It is a real dive haven with some of the most unbelievable dive sites and wonderful lakes. Micronesia's water states Yap, Chuuk, Pohnpei and Kosrae have some of the best resorts for family and couple from western to eastern. It is untouched and awaiting to be explored, from its misty woods, where giant trees'float' between the deepest clouds, to the Chuuk/Truk lagoon, considered the shipwreck dive capitol of the rich.

Micronesia's wide seascapes disprove the hundred of attractions, noises, and onshore and offshore activity that this tourist resort offers. In Truk, the old stony town of Pohnpei, the visitor is enchanted by a millennia-old tradition of cultural heritage, sandy shores and sea corals bathed in Yap's huge mantas.

Have a look at our special offers below, where you will find some of the best package holidays and offers in the South Pacific; or learn more about its beautiful archipelago of islets, rivers, lakes, hotels, destinations and what you can enjoy when you are on the lucky islets! Free accommodation for under 12s in their parents' room and use the bed linen provided.

In spite of its seclusion, there are several large hotel and resort establishments throughout Micronesia. Favourites for scuba diving are Yap Bay Dive Resort and Manta Bay Dive Resort in Yap, while Palau is the famous Caroline's Resort, West Plaza Coral Reef Resort and Palau Pacific Resort, a wonderful beach resort perfectly suited for a five-star holiday.

Journeymen can choose their favorite activities: snorkeling, windsurfing, parasailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, fishing, caving and more! Out of Guam you undertake a singular Micronesische daily route, with which the travelling from a hill, past a water fall, in the Korallenreefs of Truk with multicolored shoals of livebeest swim.

Birdwatching: In Micronesia there are various types of endemics such as the Common Nightingal Reed Warbler, the Trukmonarch, the Parrotfinch, the Pohnpei Lori, the Kosrae greater white-eye and many others. View the majestic PahnTakai Caves and Pohnpei Falls. Hideaway Holidays' South Pacific Specialists have a complete listing of available yacht rentals in Micronesia, whether you are looking for a full yacht rental or bareboat rent.

For the diver Chuuk undoubtedly provides the best shipwreck dive there is. And Chuuk is growing better with the times and research.

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