Mexico City

México City

México City is one of the most beautiful travel destinations. Mexiko City Tours Mexico-town is and has always been the most sunny place in the Mexico solarsystem. Although much slandered in the past, today the city cleans up its deeds. Walking through the bustling city centre will reveal the historic story of the city, from its pre-Spanish and Colombian splendour to its modern character. Start your fullday tour with a trip to Coyoacán, one of Mexico's oldest pre-Hispanic districts, one of the most ancient in the world.

While strolling through the 16th century paved roads and seeing the manor houses, your expert tour leader will tell you about the area' s rich heritage and past. Stopping at the 1551 National Autonomous University of Mexico, the oldest in North America. Wander through an open-air fresco galery of mural paintings and find out more about the UNESCO-listed Central Campus established in 1952 in partnership with more than 60 engineering, architectural and artistic collaborators, among them muralists Diego Rivera and Juan O´Gorman

Enter San Juan Bautista, one of Mexico's oldest church, and admire the fine painting on the arched ceilings. Finish your Coyoacán trip at the Frida Kahlo Museum, also known as Casa Azul (Blue House). Explore where this famous female painter used to live with her man Diego Rivera and find out more about her turbulent time.

After the Frida Kahlo Museum, we proceed to Xochimilco, an agro area 28 kilometers southern of Mexico City, where many of the city's wildlife grows. Find out how the locals created offshore island beds of earth-laden reeds to bypass the shortage of arable land and used them as garden areas referred to as Chinaampas.

Today these parks are a nature preserve and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Get on a colourful shallow bottom ship named traininera with your tour leader and take a one hours long gentle ride on the Chinatampa canals past swimming flowerbeds. While your skipper is moving the ship forward by dragging a bar through the sea, your tour leader will tell you about the distinctive vessels, once carved from tree trunks and used for transport throughout Mexico.

Try a wide range of foods and beverages such as moles, mixed meats, fried maize, croquadillas, tacos, sweet pasta, sweet pasta, pulp and chicory ( milky liquor ) and beers.

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