Methodist Church in Fiji and Rotuma

Fiji and Rotuma Methodist Church

It was instrumental in the founding of the Methodist Church of Fiji and Rotuma. The Methodist Church in Fiji and Rotuma) and the Rotuman term hanua, related to. Basics for an Indian-Fijian Methodist Church in Fiji . Fiji Indian and Rotuma¬ł vol. from Suva, Fiji.

Kristianity, Islam, Hinduism and Rugby.

Fiji and Rotuma Methodist Church Annual Meeting prepares for election

One can justifiably say that the Methodist Church of Fiji supports itself and that the organization is ready to appoint a new chairman at the forthcoming annualference. There has been a tendency for years to promote the current General Secreter of the Church to the post of Presidential Director - but this next vote will alter the epoch.

So why isn't the secretary-general getting presidential elections? Although the Minutes have not necessarily altered, the fact that so many different men are entitled to become the next Chairman means that there are no predictable consequences this year. All ministers who have been in ordain for at least ten years and all persons from headquarters are entitled to participate.

Indeed, the shortlist can go further, as even someone from a circle or department, such as a Superintendent Minister, could be chosen on the basis of the eligibility criterions. What is there an option for this year? Tevita Banivanua, the previous Chairman, was in this post for three years. This means that he will open the Methodist Church of Fiji and Rotuma meeting, but this will be his last act in this post and he will be superseded later.

Banivanua has been in a state of readiness since the beginning of 2015, after winning the 2014 elections at the ANNU. Mr Bhagwan has also served a five-year mandate, which means that an extra new secretary must be chosen during the procedure. It is likely that the scale of this meeting will be underlined by the various other activities that are part of it.

Besides the vote itself, there will be a Lako Yani Vou Management Company lecture aimed at church directors. Participants can also look forward to a Fiji Police and COP23 Presidency Secretariat presentations on Friday and Wednesday before.

Elsewhere there was also good new information regarding the Sawani Methodist Church chorus. This 60-piece chorus has been plagued by financing difficulties for years, but after they sang at the Festival of singing and gift giving in Furnival Park in Suva they were so worried.

It is a unique occasion, as the gardens will be closed immediately afterwards, making them available for the electoral meeting. But the Sawani Chorus was not the only one in operation - there were even several hundred of them. They come from all 58 departments of the Methodist Church, which means that many came not only from Fiji but also from other states.

No wonder, because the parks attracts tens of thousand of people each year. For an example of how a chorus arrives from abroad, let's look at the Meadowlands Fijian Church as well. In spite of its name, this chorus actually comes from Auckland in New Zealand and sees the meeting as the ideal opportunity to demonstrate its art.

The special chorus has no less than thirty members, which means that a large group of folk travelled to Fiji. In addition to the thirty natives who came from abroad, there are twelve natives who are singing in the chorus, which means that a group of over forty members belonged to this group.

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