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Couple of Ukes! - Briefing by Mele Ukulele, Wailuku, HI

He is a keen performer (plays panjo, guitars, mandolin and dobros ) so I knew we were looking for a duke when we went to Maui for last Thanksgiving. Mele on-line, a store just a brick from our Wailea resort & and only 500 ft from the place where we had supper, so we showed up afterwards to see for ourselves.

So we found & went out that evening with a wonderful mangohol and landed in the Mother Mele Shop in Wailuku & later this weekend we found a guitars utensil in Koahood. Since then he has been enjoying it to the depths of his being & it was simple to wear it on the airways, so I think he will take the guitars Oke when we are traveling.

I' ve had a ukelele for several month and since we were going to Maui, I chose to bring a ukulelele. Mele ukulelele got top grades from critics, so I went there. They were very knowledgeable and kind and the shop had a large choice.

Whilst I certainly appreciate the cost associated with retaining a shop window front as opposed to a web listing and appreciate the professsional setting, personalised facilities and the opportunity to discuss the tool I buy before making the buy, I am just not confident that it was worth nearly double the cost I could have been paying on line.

This Uke shop was found by chance, but we are so happy that we did it! I was 13 and wanted a Uke, so we found our way to Mele in Wailuku and Arley was working there at the end of the workday. When you are looking for a beautiful ukelele on Maui, go to one of the Mele shops.

I was in the shop in Wailuku several time and got away with a sturdy 6-string version of the instrument. Melee is the place to be. When we were going to Hawaii, my guy wanted to buy a ukelele. He' had done some research, but the minute we came into the shop, the Lord in the house (I wish I could remember his name) was helping us understand the different ways and help us find one that matched our budgets and my husband's standard.

Attempting not to try to make us the most costly one in the shop, he took the necessary amount of money to complete our deal before taking care of the next group that came in as he was helping us. We were told that we could take our ukelele with us as "third" for our journey home.

Whilst we couldn't find any writing regulations at our airlines (Delta), I took them with me on our way home and had no problems. I had a small pocket under the chair in front of me so that the ukelele could be stowed away there.

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