Forecast for the weather in Maupiti (French Polynesia). This forecast shows the local time for Maupiti. The lagoon of Maupiti also offers fantastic snorkeling spots. Are you looking for a cheap hotel in Maupiti? Some other articles discussing Maupiti:

Maupiti Island | Holidays, Resorts, Air Tahiti & Maps

Tahitian islands have places where you can pamper yourself in five-star spa towns, and there are places where you can plunge into the tides of everyday living and experience this islands like a native. When you' re looking for a place where the brands are sands, seas, sundown, tides and times, the Maupiti will hold you in her hands and spoil you like a member of the mob.

Maupiti is situated 195 mile (.315 km) north-west of the Isle of Tahiti and 25 mile (.40 km) west of Bora Bora Bora and is a small isolated and genuine small islet (.7 mile /.11 sq. km). From Papeete to Bora Bora, Maupiti will immediately entice you with its splendour and tranquility.

Wonderful landscapes, vast sand dunes both on the islands and in the river moto, mythical cliffs and antique pinnacles merge with the friendliness and smiles of the people. Maupiti's incomparable charms are mirrored in each resident and guesthouse where you are familiarized with the Tibetan people.

Here most of the population travels by bike or in canoes, which is a wonderful way to take your free and easy way to discover the beauty of the isle. Walk along the small street around Maupiti or in the centre of the lake and savour every minute of your stay on the islands of Tahiti.

Maupiti still has important marae: As everywhere on the islands of Tahiti, the connection between natural and mythic tales is huge. A 360 degree panoramic sight of the Laguna, Motor and the form of Bora Bora in the far away is not forgetting. Coming from Tereia Strand, splendid and scenic, you will be walking over to Motorauria, connected by stingray.

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