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Receive the Kihei weather forecast. Regional weather radar image of Maui County, Hawaii (). View our current live radar and weather forecasts for Kihei, HI to plan your day. Doppler weather radar is one of the most important instruments for meteorologists to track a storm. Wind, Waves & Weather Forecast Kahului Airport/Maui / Hawaii, United States of America for Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, Surfing & Sailing.

HI Maui County radar loop

"reflectance " is the amount of emitted energy returning to the radar receivers. So a more comfortable number for calculation and comparisons, a decreibel (or logarithmic) dial (dBZ), is used. With increasing intensity of the radar output signals, the noise levels rise. When the radar is in Clear-Air Mode (dBZ from -28 to +28), a leftmost dial is used.

On the other side of the graph (to the left) you can see the rainfall regime from 5 to 75 decibels. Note that the colour on each of the scales is the same in both operating states, only the figures are changing. Decibel value will depend on the radar state at the moment the picture is taken.

It is also dependent on the precipitation level. The prognosticators use a series of rain rates, which are assigned to the dbzs figures, dependent on the kind of weather events and the area of the USA. This is an estimate of precipitation per hours, which is refreshed during each bulk scanning, with precipitation accumulating over the years.

Hagel is a good source of power and delivers very high levels of decibel. In view of the fact that hailstorms can cause precipitation estimations to be higher than they actually are, measures are taken to avoid these high levels of dBNs being transformed into precipitation.

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MinutesHighest: HIGHS:LOWS: 1 Rainy season: 5 Approximate amount of the amount of rainwater needed to substitute last week's one. In this case, the amount of superfluous liquid is present (negative numbers mean the amount of liquid required, whereas non-recurring numbers mean that surplus liquid is present).  9 Theolarindex is either an absolutely accurate measure of the sun's power (W/m²) using the station's measured peak or a percent of the calculated theoretic sun peak using the station's position and the station's hour of work.

If you click on the symbol, the actual dial will be displayed. Historic mean only until the 3rd of July for this ward since 2004. Historic rainfall this year until the 3rd of July for this ward since 2004. Spreading downpours.

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