Maui Visitors Guide 2015

The Maui Visitor's Handbook 2015

Someone who lives there, a reliable Maui guide! View these helpful Maui travel tips from a long-time local. Maui 2015: with Molokai & Lanai (full color guide). Visiting a new place is sometimes a little overwhelming. Pack your bags and go to Maui!

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You' re going to Maui! If you are here for the first visit or a frequent Maui-goer, there is always something new to do. We' re living on Maui, so we know this place, and it's never dull! The Maui Guide helps you with your fundamental plans, and below you will find our responses to some of the most frequently asked about Maui.

You can find more useful Maui trip advice, which includes the selection of accommodation on Maui, in our ALL ABOUT MAUI blogs. If you' re interested in getting the latest deals (let's face it, who isn't?), you should sign up for our free Maui Deals & Steals newsletter.

WHERE' IS MAUI IN HAWAII? The Maui is one of the seven main Hawaiian isles. Oahu is in the north-west, the Hawaii Isle ( "Big Island") in the north. The Oahu is too far away from Maui, unless you have a very high viewpoint on an extraordinarily clear outcrop.

They can see the Big Island in the faraway East Maui under clear skies. However, the Lanai and Molokai islets are less than 10 leagues westward and norwest of Maui and are clearly seen from the east bank of Maui. TIP: Maui and Lanai are the only Islands in Hawaii that offer a cruise connection between the two.

Between Maui and Lanai the boat offers a good chance to watch whales during the summer time! THE MAUI GOVERNMENT? Beneath the state plain, the Isle of Maui, together with its twin sisters Lanai and Molokai, forms the county of Maui, which is ruled by an elect mayor and a nine-member county council.

WHERE' S THE MAUI AIRPOR? Maui' main airfield is Kahului International in the city of Kahului on the north bank of the centre of Maui. Maui also has two small commuting airfields with restricted traffic: Hana on the eastern side of Maui and Kapalua in Kahana on the western side of Maui.

In most cases you will probably fly to and from Kahului Maui airport. IN MAUI WHAT IS THE LOCAL CURRENCIES? {\Would you need a Passport to Visiting Ohio?} -International visitors should research the U.S. unique requirements pertaining to their land of residence. Here are some examples. IN WHICH AREA OF MAUI SHOULD I REMAIN?

For those of you who are not yet familiar with Maui, our guide to the Maui regions and cities contains a brief guide to the various neighbourhoods and holiday areas on the isle. See he auch How To Select Where to Stay on Maui. WHAT SHOULD I DO IN MAUI? Maui' s clothing is fun, relaxed and comfy.

No need to disguise yourself here! However, you probably don't need anything hotter than that unless you plan to stay at very high altitude on Maui (like camp at the summit of Haleakala). TO MAUI? Situated in the Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Times Area ( "HST"), Hawaii does not take summer times into account.

During the " normal season " on the American continent (approx. November-March) Hawaii is 2 hrs behind the Westcoast/Pacific-Timezone (... 5 hrs behind the East Coast). In April-October (during the summer time) we are 3 h behind the west coast and 6 h behind the east coast. So if you are in New York, please don't call your Hawaiian boyfriend at 9am your own number!

IS MAUI IN SEASON? Soon you' ll be here in Maui, I trust! And for more advice, see my Practical Do's and Don'ts for Maui Visitors, 15 Things NOT To Do in Maui, and my other ALL ABOUT MAUI post.

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