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Find out about Maui hotels, restaurants, entertainment, shopping, sightseeing and activities. For more information, visit the Maui County website. The crater at rest is open to visitors. Consult local experts on the best attractions, restaurants and activities in Upcountry (Maui). We have compiled a collection of links to Maui visitor information.


Hawaii's state' ornithological figure, the nena (also Hawai'i), is a native of Hawaii and is native to the state. In 1967 the website was classified as an endangered plant according to the Federal Act on endangered breeds. This picture taken by Joey Corcino, who lives in Maui and is entitled "Affection" won the Malama Wao Akua Jury art exhibition:

Mr. Corcino is a keen professional wildlife, event, sport, portrait and wedding photography enthusiast.

Maui Aloha - Maui Visitors Guide Magazine

Maui' s "Must Read" extensive visitor guide since 1988. Every month's edition includes activities on the Valley Isle, such as exciting activities, Iceland Art, Dining Guide, Golf, Shopping, Health & Wellness and Entertainment Guide. When you are on the islands or visiting, you will love the Aloha Maui Visitor Guide to help you schedule your holiday with our latest news and our top of the range map of the islands.

When you are on the Isle, look for our FREE visitor guide at the airport, in the Resort Hotels & Condos or at the street stands around the Isle.


This was probably the most comprehensive waterfall listing we have of all of Hawaii's islands. In fact, on this page we provide our view of the Valley Isle with this guide. Hopefully you will find this page useful for your own itinerary or for inspiring use. Julie and I have often been in researching our journey, but we're not quite sure how or where to start.

To facilitate this quest, we share our top rides on the basis of our own experience (so you know this is a real list). Hopefully you can use our common experience to start your own travel research and make planning your own holiday a little simpler. Click here to see our listing of the best Maui atractions.

On Mau' i there were many falls that we saw. To give you an impression of which of these falls should be of interest to you, we have selected some Maui Falls that we are hoping will help you plan your journey.

In order to see the remainder of the Maui Falls that Julie and I have been to in person, we have put together this page that describes each and every one of the falls (including maps) in detail. You will see that the not so popular falls make an even more private and less congested time. It is therefore worthwhile to take a look into the countryside and see what else Maui has to show.

Please click on this hyperlink to get to our Mauifalls. To make your stay in Maui a success, here is a selection of our routes to give you some samples of how we did our missions. Every route includes a timetable with detailed information on what we did each and every single days (including the falls we visited), travel stories of where we spent the night and other important logistics we do.

Please click on this hyperlink to get to the Hawaii itinerary. When you are looking for something more specific than the summaries on this page, we have a number of blog or journey stories that describe each of our trips to the Hawaii islands in detail. Here is the hyperlink to our Hawaii Traveller Blog page.

When you are trying to find out when to come to the Hawaii Islands, we have compiled a summary of our many journeys here that has enabled us to identify certain samples and rhythm that you may find useful for your travel itinerary. Here is the linkt to our Best Times To Visit Hawaii page.

The site is part of the book, map and other travelling materials we consult during our on-site itinerary. We have also looked through other volumes on Hispania' s story that have help us to achieve a better understanding of the islands of Hawaii in a way that most visitors would not get if they just stayed in holiday destinations in the city.

Here is the linkt to our Hawaii Book Reviews page. Shall I take the street to Hana? A well known street on the Hawaii islands is the street to Hana on the island Maui. Although we have been able to ride on this street several times, it took a little getting used to, and that's not everyone's cup of tea.

So, we wrote a description of what it's like to ride this street and some ways to get the most out of a trip to Luv Maui. Here is the letter to our letter that answers the letter, should I take the street to Hana?

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