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While Maui is one of the best holiday destinations in the world, it can be expensive. Find out how you can save money and travel to Maui on a budget. in Wailea, Wailea: From Sacramento to Maui: Consider these factors when planning the budget for your trip to Maui.

What does a Maui, Hawaii, vacation cost?

Hawaiian Maui is sanctified with lush scenery, a first-class windsurfing community and seriously delicious cuisine. Its only disadvantage is that a journey to Maui can be quite expensive if you are not on the care. This will help you get an impression of the average price in Maui and reduce the cost before you start planning your itinerary.

Though Hawaii is one of the most costly areas in the United States, the cost of accommodation and meals is significantly higher than most other countries. Travellers in Maui can count on paying between $10 and $15 for breakfasts, $15 and $30 for lunches and significantly more for dinners.

Dinner in Maui usually costs between $30 and $50 per night, according to whether you have a cocktail. The price of hotels and other accommodation varies greatly according to the accommodation you choose. The fare will probably be the largest issue, as Maui is not cheap: budgets between $800 and $1,000 for a one-way commute.

To get a cheap trip, try using airline locator warnings and price tracking in anticipation. If the transport cost is concerned (especially from the airport), it is usually the less expensive and more comfortable one. After all, maintenance cost ranges from $25 for two movie theaters to $35 per Maui Ocean Center seat.

Fortunately, there is a lot of free fun while you surf, swim and sunbathe. When costs are a problem, there are many ways to get around Maui cheaply. Firstly, keep in mind that low seasons and high seasons will probably help you conserve several hundred bucks on airfare, accommodation and board.

Maui is not recommended in the high seasons, which usually last from December to March or mid-April. Hiring an airbnb or condominium with a full equipped galley also saves your living expenses, as cocktail cooking in Maui is high. Allow a few evenings of cooking during your journey, buy liquor in the grocer' instead of pubs and wrap up your picnic and snack instead of going out to eat all the while.

And last but not least, you should take full benefit of the free indoor activities that Maui has to offer: A walk on the picturesque footpaths of the isle, a sundown on the shore and the beautiful landscape of Maui do not cost a cent.

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