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Confirmation of helicopter tours requires weight and size of passengers. Most underestimated and less frequented drive on Maui, the West Maui. Find out more about volcano tours on Maui and other unique experiences by downloading our free Vacation Guide. However, when you arrive on Maui, you will see that there is so much more to envy. The majority of flights reach the main airport of Maui, Kahului Airport (OGG).

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Maui Valley Isle Excursions is a Maui travel guide. Includes all the information you need. We' re one of the most loved ones on the whole of Maui, especially for touring. You will know that if you have ever been on your way to Hana, it is one of the most wonderful and at the same time shocking trips on Hawai?i

On the way, our guiding staff / riders make the journey safer for everyone, not only for our customers. All our new tours will be instructed (by our other guides) over 6 week before the first one. You' ve got expertise you won't find in any travel guidebooks from Hawaii or Maui.

Pick up and drop off at your accommodation at your apartment is always inclusive. They have improved the route and made sure that every group has their best days on Maui. First I thought that the Hana Travel Director's work would look like a weary one.

Guided tours start at 5am on the Route VB. Loading the delivery trucks with ice chillers full of sodas and running cold drinks, they make a check list of the lookovers of their vehicles and check the manifesto of the men who will collect them that particular date. There is a collection and delivery service from the hotels and the first pick-up for the western side of the islands, which is about 30 to 40 min from the main farm, begins at 6:45 am.

As these transporters only take 12 persons and most of them go on tours as a couple, they usually make 5 to 6 pick-ups before they leave for breakfasts. Around 7:30 am for breakfasts this trip starts the morning at the Maui Lani Country Club for a continuous breakfasts in Hawaii.

It' a wonderful downtown Maui course overlooking the West Maui Hills. While our visitors are enjoying their breakfasts and getting to know their travel companions, the guide will be checking in with each other. They are often local people who are in retirement and do so for pleasure. A few are haoles (whites) who have been living on Maui most of their life.

All of them have said that the way to Hana is in your life in one way or another. A lot of people even go to Hana on their free time! Not only are some of them proud but also honoured to be sharing their passion and know-how about the islands and Hana with people from all over the globe.

We often heed them call their visitors "my people". You believe that showing the way of mankind's way of thought and life is something that can make a true distinction in the arsenal. Apart from being fully qualified truckers, they are also story tellers. After so many tours we realized how many visitors started the days calm and a little bit timid and at dinner the whole group became more like a sniggering kindergarden group.

They know how to allocate their times so that the bus and tram stations are not overcrowded with our transporters. Normally this BBQ chickens dinner is usually eaten on a floral farmyard with a view of Hana Bay or Wai'anapanapa State Park. Using genuine dishes and cutlery, the chefs unwrap everything, serving the snacks and repacking everything.

It' all about an hours and then it's back on the street. Arriving from Kula, from Hana, the wide view from this height of about 2500 offers the possibility to see three to four more isles on a clear outing. If you look at the condominiums and properties in southern Maui, you will see how far you have come that is.

All of the guidebooks travel from here to the hotels or condominiums. This may take another lesson, according to the location and transport situation. Once all our passengers have been unloaded, the vans are refuelled and deposited on the basecourty. We are giving our Alcoha to these men and woman of Maui, who not only provide information and leadership, but also ensure the safety of the population.

So if you really want to get a feeling for Maui, take a trip. This can be one of the best things you have ever done in Maui, or somewhere in this area!

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