Maui to Molokai

From Maui to Molokai

Best flight from Maui to Molokai. The nearest major airport to Molokai. Virtually untouched by the huge resorts of Maui or the tall skyscrapers of Oahu, Molokai is the right place if your idea of a holiday on the beach lies under a palm tree and reads a good book. That's one I've always wanted to do. West-Maui & Molokai Helicopter Tour with landing at the sea:

Molokai Maui to 2018 race

Some years ago I was paddling the track, I always had trouble coordinating the event in my annual plan. The Pailolo Canal is my best one. When I arrived in Honolulu on the Friday before the start of the event, I was welcomed by an all-powerful thunderstorm. Horizonal rains and much of it, wind well over 25 kts with everything you' d expect for the next day's racing.

We awoke the next day for our flight to Maui with the cute smell of the damp rug hanging in the outdoors. Several of the locals were on our trips over the Kaiwi Canal to Molokai and then over the Pailolo Canal from Molokai to Maui. The organizers had sent out many upgrades before the event, drawing paddlers' attention to the fact that the terms would be "for experts only".

I will use a quotation I got from them the previous morning to warn less expert canoeists about the forecast circumstances in the events I will organize in the futurof. We first flew to Molokai, we ended up and exchanged the airplanes for the second stage to Maui.

He is a driver for Air Hawaii, so I was led by his terms whether or not I panicked at the Molokai launch. Looking calmly at his face gave me the certainty that I would make it to the starting line. Our plane trip to Kapalua, the nearest airfield to the starting point on the northwest bank of Maui, was book.

It was a very exciting event. More than 20 kts from the east and went west, the currents went in the right direction and the whole motion is compressed between three islands, Maui, Molokai and Lanai. More than two hundred kayakers were assembled on the Flemings water.

Fleming's was a bit smaller, but still a real challange for those who don't sail their boat very often. Some leaks and a few rebounds later the first takeoff was on the agenda. The women and team formed the first group and started ten mins before our starting time.

There was a rather large quota of windsurfing skis this year. The Doctor's daisy, Austin Kieffer, was in the city, the local Pat Dolan and Zsolt Szadovszki were present along with Carter Johnson, the organizer of The Gorge, Borys Markin, Brady and many others. We romped around on the shore and were in the sea and on the way to Molokai, about forty kilometers away.

About one hundred and thirty canoeists made up the second launch mostly OC1s, although this year was undoubtedly the greatest success among the windsurf-skiers. It is one of those runs where you are totally alone after fifteen min. and if there is no focus like a boat or a mark, there is no one else on the sea but yourself.

At the first launch, with the weather as it was, we quickly passed the group and I saw no other canoeist except a small view of Austin halfway until Kainoa Tanoai from the big island just before the finishing line on his OC1 spot. Pailolo was producing that night.

As you descend between Molokai and Lanai, the descents become more straight and regulated. Thought at least Austin was ahead of me and probably Pat. The next few kilometers I fought with Kainoa and under these circumstances the OC1s are as good as the skis, in fact in these circumstances you can almost go down the slopes and keep the same pace as a pair of ski.

When I paddled, I saw that Pat and Austin were already at home with the OC2 of the Bartlets who had taken off in the former group. It was a fun run for me and even after all those years of doing this shit, I'm still getting to know about these runs.

This was a great Pat and Austin second and third place finishers all had a good time. OC and surf ski racing for Molokai. Molokai Maui to Molokai takes place the weekend before Molokai to give the World Wide OC and surf ski communities the opportunity to compete on two successive weekend rounds.

Well-done to the organizers under test condition, well-done to all who have driven races. Particularly well done for those who showed the guts not to run, because they knew that these circumstances were too much for them and endangered others who might have to look for them in things.

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