Maui to Lanai

From Maui to Lanai

I go to Maui at the end of the month and wonder if a day trip to Lanai is worthwhile. From Kahului, a clockwise flight around Haleakala around Lanai and then back to Kahului, Maui. Maybe the best snorkeling experience in Maui! Assemble your own team or join a crew. Proprietary blend of CAB food, short rib and top fillet at Kimo's.

Travelogue - one of the days Lahaina, Maui to Lanai and back - Lanai Forum

At the beginning of this we took the Expeditions Maui boat from Lahaina to Lanai and back ($60 for adults). From Lahaina we took the 6:45 am depart after leaving the cinema in its car park, which provides a discounted car park charge at the time of the depart when you show your Maui Expeditions tickets.

Otherwise it is very costly to park in Lahaina for one night. When we left the boat, as we had been told, the shuttles were ready to take everyone to their destination. One of the ladies had a booth right next to the busses and took our $10 cash to use the shuttles for the whole outing.

First we drove to Four Seasons Lodge in Koele - the furthest point. Though we tried to have our breakfasts, but after 45 min of seated at a dining room and wait, expecting, waiting, expecting, just expecting to get our entrance, and noting this very long detention to some staff without success, we eventually got out, I have to say thoroughly nauseated with four seasons service--that's high-season and there''s no apology at one of the highest valued Hotels around for this very bad tote.

A friendly chauffeur, who was there by chance, sent us back to the Blue Ginger restaurants in Lanai City and brought us to the city centre, where he drove us. I remember the early 80's when I was there before any kind of evolution - when Pineapple and Dole were everywhere and only a few boulders of the city.

We then took the shuttles from the Lanai to the Four Seasons Manele Bay to stroll through the area. After taking the 14:00 Maui Expeditions boat back to Lahaina we got our rebate on our park ($5 for the day).

Make sure to take a seasickness preventive pill (Bonine is good for 24hrs or buy the 24-hour Dramamine tablet) before going on the boat in the mornings ( about anhour before the day). A few people hired a four-wheel-drive system, so the shuttleship took them directly to Lanai City to hire a vehicle if you want to hire a four-wheel-drive system for a few inches.

We had a great time, Lanai got to see, and it was much cheaper than some of the "chicer" trips, which maybe offer some snacks and snorkelling.

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